Make your housewarming party a success with these fun ideas

Moving into a new home or apartment is exciting and whether you’re celebrating your own move or a friend’s or family member’s, throwing a housewarming party is a great way to mark the occasion. Housewarming parties are a perfect opportunity to welcome friends and family into your home for the first time and get to know the neighbors.

A new home is the perfect reason to celebrate and this long-standing tradition can even help motivate you to finish the unpacking a bit faster. There are all kinds of ways to make your housewarming party special. Looking for housewarming party ideas? Keep reading. This guide is designed to get your creative juices flowing and help you make the most of this special occasion. 

1. “Barn raising”

Guests at a housewarming party know that you’ve just moved in and they don’t expect your house to be perfect yet. The word housewarming actually implies that the party is meant to “warm” your house and turn it into a home. 

Consider throwing a party where you get the guests involved in the work by painting or gardening. These types of events are similar to how all the people in an area used to get together to put up each others’ barns and once the work was done, drink and be merry. 

2. Unboxing event

You’ve probably heard of unboxing videos where YouTube stars review products right out of the box. You can steal this concept for your housewarming party and get your guests to help you unpack. 

This type of party is best suited to an invitation list of good friends and family. You don’t necessarily want your new neighbors unpacking your underpants or rifling through your good China. 

3. Block party

Invite the whole block over to your home and use your housewarming party as a chance to get to know your neighbors. Invite neighbors by sending them paper invites or knock on their doors, introduce yourself, and let them know that you’d love to have them over. 

Open your garage door, put out big tables full of great food, and extend the party into your driveway so that neighbors feel comfortable walking up even if they haven’t received a formal invite. 

4. Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt provides your guests with something fun to do at your housewarming party and it gives them a chance to explore your new home. Split guests into teams and then create a series of clues that will guide them through your home to a surprise at the end of the hunt. 

You give guests the first clue which leads them to the second and so on. You can use rhymes like “This flat box houses audio and sound, in the living room it can be found” to direct guests to a clue hidden under the TV. Images can also be fun – take photos of different parts of your home to guide guests through the hunt. 

5. Movie night 

A movie night is a great chance to test out the media room in your new home or alternatively turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater. You can rent or buy large screens and projectors and some people even cast movies onto the exterior walls of their homes. Then, choose a film that will appeal to the people on your guest list, make some popcorn, and get comfortable. 

6. Stock-the-bar event

Guests traditionally bring a housewarming gift to these events and with a stock-the-bar party, your guests get to chip in and help you create a well-stocked bar for your new home. Put the bottles to work right away by asking guests to bring recipes for their favorite cocktails and then make sure that you have mixers and other cocktail essentials.

7. Decorating ideas

Not sure where to put the couch? Want ideas for accent wall colors? Thinking about remodeling the kitchen? You may want to use your party as a springboard for decorating ideas. Invite your friends and family who have the best taste and make a Pinterest board come to life in your home. 

Ask friends to write down their ideas or text you inspo photos as they walk through your home. Getting the hive mind involved is a great way to come up with fresh, new ideas and once you’ve integrated the best ideas into your home, have a follow-up party where you show off the new decor. 

8. Masquerade ball

Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween and they can be a great way to encourage mingling at any party. A masquerade can be especially useful for parties that involve a lot of people who don’t know each other. The costumes give guests an instant ice breaker and they can help to get conversations rolling between all types of people. 

9. Jam session

Music is a great way to turn up the fun at your housewarming party! Invite your musician friends to bring their instruments and entertain the rest of you with a jam session. You may even want to just book a band or bring in a karaoke machine.

10. Mixed theme 

You don’t have to stick to a single theme at your party. You can actually mix and match many of these themes. Set up a movie night for the neighborhood kids while the adults stock the bar. Have a few hours of “barn raising” and then transition into relaxing by your new pool or hanging out around the kitchen island.  

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