Easter bunny-approved ideas for a memorable event

The Easter bunny may be socially distancing this year, but that’s no reason not to celebrate the beloved holiday this spring. This year Easter is on Sunday, April 4. If you’re thinking about hosting Easter at your home or another venue, the time for planning is running out – so make like the Easter bunny and hop to it!

How should you host Easter in 2021? From smaller gatherings to virtual parties to outdoor venues with tons of fresh air, Easter will likely be more intimate, outdoorsy, and with the right preparation, just as fun for most of us. 

Maybe you have experience hosting Easter or perhaps this is your first year taking on the role. Either way, it never hurts to learn a few tricks to make your event a successful one that ushers in springtime and brings family together for one of the most special holidays of the year. To make it easier for you, we will share some of our favorite tips for hosting Easter. 

Host Easter outdoors

The pandemic has brought more activities outside. While that’s not very fun on a cold winter day, the perfect sunny days of springtime are the ideal time for an outdoor holiday. So why not host Easter outside? Choose your backyard, a public park that you love, or borrow the backyard of a relative who has more space. Be sure to provide shade (and possibly outdoor heaters if unseasonably cool weather is in the forecast). The green grass and blooming flowers just happen to serve as the perfect décor!

Choose pastel table decorations

In addition to its Christian origins, Easter is also seen as a celebration of rebirth and the start of spring. Choose décor that fits the theme. This means a lot of pastel table settings, flowers (we won’t judge if they’re the fake kind), and maybe some whimsical elements from nature such as gathered stones and faux bird decorations. 

Let your Easter eggs do double duty

Still stuck on décor? Let the Easter eggs help you out. You may have grown up with the tradition of dying Easter eggs, but today there are so many other cool ways to decorate them. Yes, you can go old-school and get an egg-dying kit (and a group of eager kids who want to get in on the fun) but you can also glam it up with some fun alternatives.

Either way, let your decorated eggs serve as part of the décor. They can be centerpieces or part of place settings. 

Have an Easter egg hunt

It wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter egg hunt. Get a headcount on how many kids will be attending (or let adults in on the tradition) and purchase colorful, plastic eggs. Then, fill them with Easter treats, hide them around the backyard, and let the game begin! 

Serve springtime cocktails for the grown-ups

Easter brings lots of fun for the little ones, but we think that kids of all ages should get to have a good time. Consider Easter cocktails for adults who attend your event. No, there are no Easter eggs involved. Think springtime ingredients, such as berries and fresh herbs. Choose colorful mixers for a festive look. Bonus points if you can find some edible flowers for the ultimate April garnish. 

Invite the Easter bunny

Want to go the extra mile? Rent an Easter bunny costume (or buy one if you’re planning on hosting Easter again and again) and have the beloved holiday figure make a guest appearance. This will delight the kids and make for a wonderful photo opportunity. 

A tisket, a tasket, a perfect Easter basket

Don’t forget the Easter baskets! These are great treats for children but they can also be a fun twist on table décor. Purchase enough baskets for your guests and fill them with items from businesses in your area. This is a nice way to support local businesses while offering your guests the perfect party favor. Fill the baskets with candy, baked goods, and trinkets. 

Offer a virtual option 

We’re optimistic that next year’s Easter celebrations will be filled with guests from all over, but if that’s not possible for you this year, offer a virtual option. Send out a Zoom link well in advance of your celebration and make sure everyone who wants to use it is comfortable with the technology.

This is also a great way to attend an Easter mass or vigil if you’re unable to do so in person this year. Look up virtual Easter events in your area and consider screening one or two at your event.

Get tasty catering 

These nine tips will help you throw a great Easter bash this year, however you choose to do it. It’s also important to focus on family and fun this Easter instead of slaving away over a hot stove. Get catering instead!

TooJay’s Catering offers a plethora of affordable, delicious options for however you choose to celebrate Easter this year. Our 40-year-old catering business has a long-standing reputation for crafting tasty menu items that’ll turn your Easter gathering into a true celebration. We can also help you plan your gathering. Contact us today to start planning your Easter event.