What can you say when you hear that Americans ate 50 billion burgers last year? “Wow! Americans really love burgers!” is the only reply that comes to mind. 

There are various historical explanations of how hamburgers came to be so popular, some more plausible than others. What we do know is that America’s favorite sandwich has been evolving for hundreds of years and reached its prime in the mid-20th Century with the growth of the middle class. Its simplicity — a meat patty in a roll with basic condiments – explains the hamburger’s enduring popularity among all but vegetarians. Burgers are as American as Mom and apple pie.  

America’s obsession with hamburgers has spread around the world, much like its passion for blue jeans did several decades ago. Reasonably priced and easy to eat, hamburgers are gobbled up everywhere, in countries rich and poor. There is actually a Big Mac Index used by global financial analysts to compare the value of international currencies! 

It’s easy to understand why people love hamburgers, especially when they’re made with top-quality meat and served on a great bun with fresh onions, lettuce, sliced pickles, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, cheese, bacon, avocado, artisanal mustard… the choices for making a burger all your own are endless and easy. TooJay’s calls it simply great food!

Burger choices are always interesting at TooJay’s, partly thanks to creative summer LTO burger specials, available through the end of July. Guests are invited to enjoy variations of America’s favorite sandwich such as the Blackened Everything Burger (blackened sirloin topped with chive, caper and everything-spiced cream cheese, balsamic caramelized red onions, arugula and thinly sliced dill pickles), the Hangover Burger with a fried egg on top, the Avocado Burger (Freshly sliced avocado, melted Swiss cheese, arugula and lemon garlic aioli) and the Latke Sliders, which combine our famous potato pancakes with the iconic burger. 

Timeless guest favorites like the ultimate Pastrami Burger (juicy sirloin rolled in our pastrami rub and topped with tender pastrami, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese and chipotle mayonnaise) are always on the menu, because Americans love their burgers!