Imagine a birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday or other happy occasion without a beautiful cake as its centerpiece. Singing Happy Birthday without a cake is as unthinkable as a wedding toast without champagne! 

Key Lime Pie

Simply put, desserts make people happy. That’s why TooJay’s welcomes guests to its restaurants with a friendly hello and a display of its famous selection of freshly baked cakes, pastries and cookies, guaranteed to get a smile every time.  

What is it about desserts that makes people happy even before they’ve taken their first bite? It’s the way these irresistible creations appeal to our senses, starting with the perfect combination of color and texture. 

While our reactions may be subjective, colors are associated with eliciting specific emotions. According to the psychology of color, white, for example, usually suggests purity, while red conjures up feelings of love, pink elicits kindness, yellow suggests warmth and brown suggests strength. For the pastry chef, colors add contrast and interest to creative presentations and, combined with complimentary textures, prime our palate for an irresistible sensory experience.

Once we’ve taken our first bite, flavor comes to the fore. Is the primary flavor bold, unmistakable and perfectly balanced with other elements? For example, is the Killer Cake unquestionably a chocolate lover’s dream-come-true? Does the key lime pie present the perfect blend of tart and creamy? Primary flavors create a delicious experience and a lasting impression when they come through loud and clear. 

As we consider TooJay’s array of elegant desserts with their enticing combinations of color, texture and flavor, the question becomes which one complements our meal best of all.  All the sensory notes should be in harmony and enhance our experience in the same way as the right bottle of wine. Knowing what guests have ordered up to that point, servers can be instrumental in helping them choose the ideal finale to a perfect meal. 

Finally, there’s the WOW factor, because beautiful desserts are works of art. They’re guaranteed to grab your attention at TooJay’s and you’re sure to be saying WOW!  

If you’ve ever been there, you know what I mean.

Irresistible? You bet! It’s no wonder that guests are happy and dessert sales are humming at TooJay’s, where our senses tell us it’s time to enjoy dessert.