Save money by getting creative with these DIY party decoration ideas

You’re not a party planner – so why does it often feel like you have the budget of one when planning an event? From the streamers to the string lights to the extra seating, decorating for a party can be so expensive you might consider charging a cover to recoup your losses. The next time you find yourself wondering if you need to take out a loan to afford your party store haul, consider DIY decorations instead.

With just a dash of creativity, you can save some serious cash and decorate your space for a memorable event. You might even find that your DIY party decorations are better than the store-bought variety because they’re handcrafted by you.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to have an art degree (or even a familiarity with a hot glue gun) to get in on the DIY party decorating fun. All you need is your imagination – and these party decoration ideas. 

Choose a theme

Decorating for a party can be daunting. What colors do you pick? Are balloons only for birthdays? Does the drinkware need to be fancy or rustic? Start narrowing things down by choosing a theme. Sometimes the theme takes care of itself (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Other times, it’s up to you. In the case of the latter, think outside of the box. Instead of a luau or Gatsby party or 80’s party, try one of these unique ideas.

Choose a color scheme

Stuck on choosing a theme? Try a color scheme instead. Choose one or two colors and plan decorations that match. You’ll be amazed by how something as simple as all-blue table settings can create a cohesive style that makes a party look super polished.

Get inspiration from nature

Instead of hitting up Target, take a stroll around your backyard. Find items from nature that can be used as DIY decorations. This might include flowers or herbs from your garden, stones from your yard, and branches or leaves from a tree. These items can be turned into table centerpieces or accents around the space.

Get inspiration from inside your home

Okay, so what if you live in a city? No, you don’t have to transform trash from the sidewalk into your décor. Look inside your home for inspiration. Walk around your house and look for decorative items – candles, succulents, photos, etc. – and bring them into the space where you’re hosting your party. You can also do this with furniture from inside your home if you’re in a bind for extra seating.

Let the setting do the work

Where is the most picturesque space in your home? Maybe it’s your backyard or your patio. Maybe it’s the spot in your living room by the big window. Whatever it is, set your party there by moving the seating, décor, and food into that area. The location will do a lot of work in terms of making your event shine.

Have a pre-party craft day

If you have kids (or friends who are willing to humor you), host a pre-party craft day to create DIY decorations for the big event. Pull out the colored paper, markers, glitter, wrapping paper – whatever you’ve got – and have others bring their own random craft items. Bust out some drinks and snacks, crank up the tunes, and get artsy! You’ll have a good time and you’ll have DIY decorations for your party.

Set up a photo booth

One of the coolest DIY touches for a party is a photo booth. All you need is a tripod (or a strategically placed shelf that can hold a phone or camera with a self-timer), good lighting, and a backdrop. For the backdrop, drape fabric or a colorful blanket against a wall, or use poster board. If you want to go all out, buy a Polaroid camera for guests to use.

Look for items to repurpose

So many great DIY party decoration items might already be headed for your trash. Think before you toss out wine bottles, mason jars, and other goodies. These can be made into vases, drinking glasses, or candle holders.

Upgrade grocery store bouquets

Nice floral arrangements can set you back hundreds, or even (gasp) thousands of dollars. But don’t worry; you can have a beautiful floral arrangement at your event without the scary price tag. Pick up some grocery store bouquets and repurpose them as the professionals do. We won’t tell.

Let the catering wow ‘em

These nine DIY party decoration ideas will help you have a fun event without spending a fortune. Whether your party is indoors or outside, there are ways to take advantage of things you (or nature) already have.

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