Avocado BLT

While the hearty All-American breakfast will never go out of style, many breakfast lovers are craving new variations to the morning mainstays they love. From indulgent comfort foods to vege-centric options, new twists on traditional breakfasts have elevated the status of the morning meal.

If you’re a happy breakfast purist, don’t despair. TooJay’s amazing menu will always have the traditional choices to jump-start your day. But if you’d like to indulge in something new, TooJay’s also puts a contemporary spin on popular morning fare.

A happy bonus of this breakfast trend is that brunch is more popular than ever before. Rather than an early morning grab-and-go, friends are getting together for leisurely mid-morning meals and sometimes even springing for a Mimosa on the side.

Here are three creative, new breakfast choices on TooJay’s spectacular breakfast menu:

The Picture-Perfect Avocado

It’s love at first bite! Avocado tops the list of popular breakfast options, likely because there are so many colorful ways to jazz up this creamy, nutritious fruit packed with vitamins and minerals. TooJay’s offers the Avocado Breakfast BLT (crunchy grilled wheat bread, lemon garlic aioli, Swiss cheese, arugula, bacon and avocado topped with two over medium eggs); and the Egg, Avocado, Spinach and Swiss, served on your choice of bread. It’s no wonder that adding avocado is a breakfast sensation!

A Dash of Decadence with Signature Benedicts

Eggs are the most versatile source of high-quality protein, iron, vitamins and minerals to energize your day. Some people like them scrambled or fried and others prefer them as savory omelets, but Eggs Benedict takes the incredible egg to new heights. TooJay’s offers three luscious Benedict choices, each with two poached eggs on crispy grilled rye bread, topped with Hollandaise sauce and chopped scallions: The Deli Benedict (melted Swiss cheese, tomato and pastrami or corned beef); TooJay’s Benedict (smoked ham and tomato); and the Nova Salmon Benedict (smoked salmon, tomato, red onion and capers). The Benedict’s rich combination of ingredients may be decadent, but it surely is tasty!

Classic Southern Comfort 

Craving comfort food? Nothing says comfort like Southern food! Southern-style Chicken & Waffles is a great way to add country flavors to your morning meal. TooJay’s version of the down-home specialty features a Belgian waffle topped with crunchy chicken tenders, served with breakfast syrup and Buffalo hot sauce on the side for breakfast and brunch. TooJay’s popular Waffle Sliders also hit the spot with a freshly baked half Belgian Waffle, scrambled eggs, American cheese and your choice of smokehouse bacon or country-style sausage, served with syrup for dipping and delicious home fries. Make either of these waffle dishes extra-special with a full split of Freixenet bubbly served with a carafe of Florida orange juice.

Who would have thought that the most important meal of the day could be elevated to such tempting new heights!