Consider these factors when picking a venue for a corporate event 

Picking the right venue for your corporate event will make a great impression. It doesn’t have to be difficult choosing it. With a little planning and consideration for factors such as the size of the event, the location, the agenda, and the budget, you can easily pick the right space. Since we are still in a pandemic, there are additional precautions to consider for the health of your staff and coworkers. Here is a list of factors to consider when picking a venue. 

Pick a date 

Choosing a date for the event is a great place to start! You can base it on when the busy season for events occurs and when employees are most likely to attend. Sending out an email asking for employee RSVPs is a good idea so you’ll know how many people to plan for. Besides, knowing the date and time of year will help you choose an indoor or outdoor space to account for the typical weather in your area. 

Determine the budget

You will need a budget. It will allow you to plan for how much you should spend on the venue, food, decorations, and equipment. You should think of what you want to prioritize when spending. If the venue is most important, for example, allocate a large part of your budget to it. 

Choose a venue that fits your company’s style 

There are a few things to consider with the style of a venue. You will need to pick if it will be an indoor or outdoor space as well as if it will be formal or casual. Knowing the number of people that are supposed to attend should narrow down your choices.

As far as COVID guidelines, there are no restrictions on gatherings in Florida but event organizers are highly encouraged to follow guidelines from the state’s health department.  

Since it is a corporate event, you will want to choose a venue that represents your company’s brand well. This will show anyone, such as clients, who you are and what you represent. You will want to make a great impression of course so think about how the style of the venue will convey your company’s image. 

It’s a great idea to visit venues before choosing one. This will help you envision setting it up and how you can best ensure the safety and comfort of attendees. Consider those with special needs, such as anyone in a wheelchair, and make sure the venue is accessible. These details will ensure the event goes smoothly. 

Find a venue that fits your theme

Pick a location that fits the focus of your event. Establishing the purpose of the event will help determine what you need to bring to the venue and what the space will already have. If people will be speaking at the event, for instance, you need to make sure the venue is equipped with microphones and speakers. Picking a space based on a pre-established list of must-haves will help narrow your search down and keep you focused on finding the most practical place for hosting it. 

Food and drink

Food and drinks are always one of the highlights of a successful event. People may forget what was said or who was there, but they usually remember whether or not the food was fresh and tasty and the drinks were refreshing. Pick food that everyone will enjoy and have a decent amount of variety. Consider how the food will be served in the event space. Will it be a buffet or sit-down dinner? Don’t forget to ask ahead of time and accommodate those with allergies and dietary restrictions. 

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Picking the right space for your event is very important. Knowing the guest list ahead of time, the date of the event, the agenda, and more will help you choose.

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