9 fun ideas for a family-friendly Halloween party

Key takeaways:

  • Try an iconic witch’s theme
  • Buy blacklights for glow-in-the-dark fun 
  • Have a costume contest
  • Play classic Halloween party games
  • Set up a photo booth
  •  Get scary with a haunted house
  • Don’t forget the food

A Halloween party can be a great way to unwind after trick-or-treating or be the perfect family-friendly alternative to trick-or-treating. You can invite the whole neighborhood for an open house or have a small bash with close friends and family. This holiday has been providing families with fun for hundreds of years and there are all kinds of ways to make your party spooktacular! 

The best Halloween party is one that’s fun for both kids and adults. Spooky decor, a costume contest, the right soundtrack – all of these combine to create an epic October bash. Just throw in some delicious catering from TooJay’s and your party is set. 

We want to help you plan the best Halloween party ever and to get the creative juices flowing, we put together this list of ideas. Grab your broomsticks and hold onto your hats – here we go!

1. Witches and warlocks

Devote your party to an iconic witch theme. Tell guests to dress as witches or warlocks. Play witchy movies like “The Witches,” “Hocus Pocus,” or “Gretel and Hansel.” Old episodes of “Bewitched” are fun if you prefer to have a more family-friendly atmosphere. Complete the theme with cauldrons full of dry ice that make mysterious vapor, witch hats, brooms, and black cats. 

2. Glow-in-the-dark shenanigans

Adults and kids alike enjoy the rave-like atmosphere of a glow-in-the-dark party. Invest in some black lights and kill the regular lights. Give guests glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark necklaces, put on some spooky tunes, and dance the night away. Buy white shirts and let guests paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint as an activity. 

3. Costume contest with prizes galore

Dressing up is half (or maybe most) of the fun of Halloween and a costume contest recognizes your guests’ efforts. Don’t just give out one prize – hold a contest with a variety of categories like “scariest,” “cutest,” “best homemade,” “best couple costume,” “funniest,” and “most original.” The more people who walk away with kudos on their attire, the better.

4. Classic Halloween party games

You can integrate classic Halloween games into your party, regardless of your theme. Fill an old wooden bucket with water and apples for apple bobbing. Have a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) Party, hand out the knives, and hold a pumpkin carving contest. 

Mummy races are also fun, classic Halloween party games – split up your guests into pairs, hand them each a roll of paper towels, and shout “go” to kick off the race. The object of the game is to see who can wrap up their mummy the fastest.  

5. A scary, funny photo booth

To make sure your party shines on social media and in your guests’ memories, set up a photo booth for capturing fun shoots. 

Drape some black fabric and cobwebs against a wall and complete the scene with a creaky old rocking chair, plastic skeletons, and spooky long-stemmed candles. Give guests a variety of silly and scary props like witch’s hats, clown wigs, wacky glasses, and fake chainsaws. 

All you need to do now is grab the cameras, choose a hashtag, and let the photography begin. A green screen can be extra fun – if you’re tech-savvy, put up a neutral backdrop, have guests pose, and then use your editing software to pop them into scary scenes. 

6. Haunted house ideas

You can turn your whole house into a haunted house or keep the main area for the party and turn the upstairs bedrooms or the basement into your “little shop of horrors.” You can create static displays like a creepy doll room, a room with tanks full of real snakes and tarantulas, and mock graveyards, but interactive displays with actors can be even more fun. 

Getting friends involved can make your haunted house extra scary. Guests can walk into one room to find a mad scientist working on his victim. They can find a witch’s den in the next room open a door to see severed but still talking heads on a table.

Try something a little tamer if you need to keep your party kid-friendly. Peeled grapes that feel like eyeballs, macaroni salad that looks like brains, and fake spiders can provide just the right amount of “gore” for your younger guests.

7. Party crafts

Crafts at your Halloween party give the kids something to do while the adults take a break, especially if you put a teen in charge of the little ones. Here are some easy  party craft ideas for kids:

  • Decorate Halloween cookies
  • Turn balloons and pipe cleaners into spiders
  • Paint coffee cans white and add streamers to make ghosts
  • Make a spooky tree out of old branches and paper bats
  • Paint Halloween trinkets with glow-in-the-dark-paint and put them into mason jars to make funky lanterns

Other activities can also be fun for the rest of your party guests. Set up a scary movie marathon for the teens and bring out board games for the adults. 

8. Trick-or-treating at home

You can trick-or-treat at home if your area doesn’t have a great spot to go or if you just want to give the kids another round after the porch lights go out. Station people with bowls of candy behind all the doors in your house, tape some arrows to the walls to direct traffic, and then tell the trick-or-treaters to start knocking.

No Halloween party is complete without some tasty food to keep the guests happy. Eating sugar all night can turn the kids into little monsters, regardless of what costumes they’re wearing, and adults need fuel to keep themselves going.

9. Tasty catering to round out the fun

TooJay’s Catering can make your party complete once you’ve nailed down your ideas, bought the decorations, and sent out the invites. Let us handle the cooking – our extensive catering menu has a bit of something for everyone, whether you want party hors d’oeuvres like franks in a blanket or vegetable egg rolls, fancy entrees, sandwich platters, or breakfast for the next morning. We also have great desserts, like the TooJay’s Sweets Platter and the Fresh Baked Cookie Platter.

Contact us today to talk about your upcoming Halloween party and we’ll help you make it spooktacular!