Simple tips for choosing an exciting theme for your party or event 

Key takeaways: 

  • A theme can take your party to the next level
  • Choose your theme based on the type of event you’re having, its goals, and your guests.
  • A theme can be incorporated into the attire, menu, entertainment, and venue.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or business luncheon, having a theme adds that extra oomph that will dazzle your guests. 

In our experience, the best themes are those that blend the reason for the event, the style you’re looking for, and the expected outcome of the occasion. You can entertain guests no matter what you’re celebrating by incorporating a fun and appropriate theme.  

The theme isn’t just about décor and dressing up. Excellent party themes create the perfect atmosphere. Your guests will feel as though they’ve been transported to a totally different environment. They’ll enjoy the magic of your special event because they’ll be immersed in its setting. Between the location, the food, the attire, and the entertainment, a theme will take your gathering to the next level and really impress your guests.  

If you’re planning a party, celebration, or event, but not quite sure how to choose a theme, don’t stress. We’ve got you covered below. 

How to select an event theme

An event’s theme depends on the type of event it is. If you’re planning a birthday party, you’ll take a different approach than if you’re orchestrating a corporate event. The theme, therefore, should define the event and the reason it’s being held. 

Start by asking the following questions:

  • What type of event is this?

There are many different types of gatherings and events. A high-end corporate event, for example, may have an emphasis on luxury. This means there will be a sense of opulence to it. It may be held at a country club or nice hotel. Champagne may be served and people will most likely dress very well. On the other hand, an informal or relaxed event will be geared towards delivering a fun experience and focus on promoting casual social interactions. 

An easy way to determine the event type and whether it should take a more formal or a laidback approach is to consider what you are celebrating or meeting for. 

  • Who are the guests and how can you offer them an enjoyable experience?

It’s important to think about your guests. Are they family members and/or friends? Are you hosting colleagues for an annual review at work? Are you inviting new neighbors over for a house-warming party?

An event aimed at impressing business partners should have a different ambiance than that of a neighborhood get-together. So, plan your theme accordingly. High-level executives may not enjoy a superhero-themed event as much as a group of your children’s classmates would. On the same token, your children’s classmates probably won’t enjoy a Mad Men-themed event as much as your coworkers might.

Keep your guests at the forefront of the theme selection process. 

  • Why are you having this event?

Ask yourself what the goal of your gathering is. Are you trying to generate new clients for your business? Are you having a gender reveal party? The theme should fit your event’s intention. By working backward and considering your objectives, you can simplify the theme selection process.

  • What is the event budget?

Planning a spectacular event doesn’t have to be expensive, it just requires some planning. This includes setting a budget. Once you have an estimate of it, you can organize the theme’s necessary elements without overspending.

Theme décor and related elements

The next step in choosing the right theme for your event is to think of what elements will define it. Décor, attire, catering, entertainment, and the venue should all fit your theme. 

Here are elements to consider when planning a theme: 


Your event might be business professional if you’re at the office, or flapper costumes and tailcoats if you’re having a Great Gatsby-themed birthday party. You can invite guests to dress in theme and ask any staff working at the event to wear the appropriate attire. This is a fun way to get your guests involved in the party’s theme.


Catering is a very important consideration for your gathering – everyone’s got to eat! Food is a great way to combine an event’s theme into the overall experience. If you are hosting a sports-themed party, for example, you might want beer-battered onion rings and loaded sandwiches. Work with your caterer to see how they can incorporate the theme into their presentation of food, such as through garnishes and preparation methods. Selecting the perfect party menu is easy when your caterer has experience offering tons of options for any sized event.  You can also consider hosting a food-centric event, like a dessert party, which is almost sure to be a hit. 


The most exciting part of any party is usually the entertainment. If you are having live music or playing music from an electronic device, make sure to think of your guests and their tastes. The same goes for other forms of entertainment, which include games and activities, programs, speakers, and slideshows or videos. Try to schedule entertainment intermittently throughout the event so that guests have time to interact (and eat!) in between each activity. There’s nothing more frustrating than attending an event with tantalizing food and not having a chance to eat because you’re moving through a hefty itinerary! Balance is key when organizing your event’s entertainment.


In some instances, the event venue is implicit, i.e. your home or backyard, or your office conference room. On other occasions, the venue is totally up to you. Either way, the important thing is to consider how you can work the setting into the theme and style of your event. An office can easily be transformed into a disco scene. A rooftop bar probably won’t cut it as a good backdrop for a rustic barn-themed party, however. Plan accordingly but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Exciting themes for your next event

Ready to select a theme? Here are some fun, versatile suggestions.

  1. Garden party. These are easy to do in South Florida! Just take your guests outside, place some colorful, fragrant bouquets on tables, and voilà! 
  2. Dessert party. Almost everyone loves sweets! Offer an array of decadent homemade, desserts crafted by your favorite caterer. 
  3. “Travel the world.” Bring an international theme to your party with a culturally-inspired menu, and foreign décor. 
  4. Farm to table. Keep it healthy by offering a curated menu of locally-sourced foods served on beautiful platters. Whether you’re hosting a business luncheon or a children’s party, a farm-to-table menu and theme is a great choice.
  5. Roaring 20’s. This is a classic party theme, or at least it has been for the entire last century! Now that we’re back in the ‘20s, it’s a fun way to create a then-and-now atmosphere for guests.

Here are a few more ideas for fun party themes to create a fantastic event.

A perfect party theme for your event

Hosting an exciting party for your guests doesn’t have to be stressful. It just calls for some planning and a little bit of creativity. Including a theme can create excitement and make your event even more festive.

When choosing the theme, remember to think about why you’re having the event, what type of occasion it is, and who your guests will be. Then, select the best venue and menu to deliver a great gathering! 

Once you’ve considered these aspects, you’ll be ready to choose an amazing theme for your upcoming event. We’ll be happy to help plan the perfect menu to match your theme, too. Contact us today to cater your event.