Lent, Passover, and Easter Deli Traditions That We All Love

Even though Florida is considered a gigantic “melting pot” because its population is comprised of people from different cultural backgrounds who follow a wide variety of religions and celebrate different holidays, our communities usually have something in common during these lent, Passover, and Easter celebrations – food! 

Out of the many religious holidays celebrated throughout the year, people from the Catholic, Jewish, and Christian communities get particularly excited about the first three holidays that kick off this year’s celebrations.

No matter the occasion, TooJay’s Deli offers various deli favorites and specials during Lent, Passover, and Easter to help these celebrations taste even better.    

Deli Fish-Favorites Abound During Lent

More than a religious holiday, Lent is a period of penitential preparation for Easter in the Christian church, according to Britannica.com. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later, the night before Easter. This period consists of a 40-day fast, except for Sundays, representing Jesus Christ’s fasting in the wilderness before he began his public ministry.

Throughout the years, Lent’s fasting rules’ religious strictness has eased, and, nowadays, Christians and Catholics usually use this period to give up specific things they enjoy. With red meat being one of the most popular choices to sacrifice for food, fish-based dishes are usually the to-go menu choices for guests who observe Lent.

Guests who look to conquer cravings during this period don’t need to sacrifice much, as TooJay’s Deli offers a large selection of fish-based menu items. These Lent-friendly items include the Nova Salmon Benedict, delicious Nova Latkes, or one of TooJay’s famous Fish Platters served on a crisp lettuce bed with fresh vegetables and a bagel. 

Other delicious entrées and handhelds include the Atlantic Salmon, served with mashed potatoes and a fresh vegetable, Fish & Chips, Open-Faced Tuna Melt, Hummus Wrap, and TooJay’s classic tuna salad as a sandwich or platter. As a bonus, the fan-favorite Fried Fish Po’Boy sandwich is available through April 4th!

Convenient Meal Options for Passover and Easter

According to History.com, Passover is one of the Jewish religion’s most sacred and widely observed holidays commemorating the story of the Israelites’ departure from ancient Egypt. The weeklong holiday includes several rituals like the traditional Passover meal or “Seder,” removing leavened products from homes like substituting matzo for bread and retelling the exodus tale. Additionally, as with most holidays, traditional dishes are enjoyed.  

TooJay’s and Passover

Year after year, TooJay’s Deli features holiday favorites rich in culinary tradition for those who celebrate Passover. The seasonal Passover menu includes lean and tender brisket, roasted Cornish game hen, baked salmon fillet, herb-roasted half chicken, including matzo ball soup, gelfite fish chopped liver, a potato pancake, carrot tzimmes, and macaroons. For those dining in, a glass of kosher wine and coffee or tea are also available. A variety of entrée accompaniments are available by the pound or item, including mushroom gravy, mini potato pancakes, carrot tzimmes, matzo balls, chopped liver, and gefilte fish. Classic matzo ball and chicken soups can also be purchased by the quart. TooJay’s famous bakery also offers a selection of made-from-scratch Passover desserts that include almond cake, honey cake, sponge cake, and coconut or chocolate macaroons. 

Guests who wish to dine in at their local TooJay’s restaurant during Passover this year may do so on Saturday, March 27, or Sunday, March 28 and must call in advance to make a reservation for the 5 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. seating. For those who prefer to dine at home, TooJay’s offers convenient takeout and curbside pickup on pre-paid orders at toojays.com/order-now. The deadline to order is March 24.

Parallel to Passover, the Easter season technically begins with the Lent period, previously mentioned, and officially ends on Easter Sunday. Celebrated on Sunday, April 4 this year, Easter marks the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

While people from different religions celebrate Passover and Easter, they both are holy days involving particular observations. When it comes to celebrating either holiday this spring, TooJay’s offers a wide variety of menu options to satisfy every palate. With convenient takeout, curbside pickup, and online ordering available, TooJay’s is the perfect choice for hosting holiday gatherings with friends and family. Taking care of the food is easier than ever with our catering package options.

With locations throughout Florida, TooJay’s Deli is always delighted to host new and loyal returning guests in accordance with all state and local requirements for COVID safety, including patio dining availability at the following restaurants:

* Has seating available to enjoy takeout meals but no table service.