Florida’s beautiful weather year-round is one of the many benefits of living in the sunshine state. During the pandemic, more people have embraced the outdoors and use it as a safe escape from being cooped up inside. As people become acclimated to this new “normal,” they are beginning to venture out and enjoy their favorite activities once again but with precautions like outdoor patio dining always top of mind.

Luckily for food lovers, restaurants have been able to reopen safely and implement safety guidelines to ease guests’ worries. Additionally, outdoor seating at restaurants has given people peace of mind and for Floridians, it is something that they can enjoy year-round. 

TooJay’s Patio Dining Locations

* Has seating available to enjoy takeout meals but no table service.

Advantages of Outdoor Patio Dining

It is probably safe to say that most food lovers consider that, aside from the quality of the food, the most enjoyable part of eating out is the experience itself, which can consist of but is not limited to:

  • Décor – The restaurant has a “theme” (i.e. sports or movie memorabilia), artwork or furniture that is unique or people find interesting.
  • Service – What everyone mainly looks for when eating at a restaurant is the convenience of not having to cook or wash dishes and pans. Being taken care of by someone else is also great, and it’s always a plus when the servers and restaurant management are attentive and make guests feel welcome.
  • Atmosphere – Different moods, budgets, and occasions call for different choices in restaurants. For example, couples who celebrate anniversaries or a birthday tend to go to spots that are fancier or have a quiet and romantic setting. Parents who pick up their kids from sports practices would likely stop at a family-friendly restaurant.

Whatever the reason might be, the experience of eating out is usually positive and patio dining is always a joyful experience when the weather is nice. Aside from the obvious choice of avoiding a confined space during the pandemic, patio dining offers guests the advantage of being under the sun and the feel of fresh air while enjoying a delicious meal. For guests who usually feel uncomfortable and cold eating inside air-conditioned settings for a long period of time, outdoor seating is also a great alternative to be more relaxed. Guests looking for a quiet area of a busy restaurant to sit down and read a book or talk on the phone without bothering other patrons have also found that outside dining is the way to go.

Outdoor Patio Dining Trends

As the weather began getting warmer in the early weeks of the pandemic, many restaurants opted to expand their outdoor areas in an effort to create COVID-safe environments and attract more clientele, sometimes even going as far as using sidewalks and closing streets to create open air dining rooms. While this was a no brainer trend then, now restaurants in northern states face the problem of the return of cold weather, which will definitely result in a decrease of clientele.

For Floridians, eating outside is almost always an option. As we enter the winter season, patio dining becomes even more accessible and a popular choice since the weather is still warm enough in most parts of the state.

With locations throughout Florida, TooJay’s Deli is always delighted to host new and loyal returning guests in accordance with all state and local requirements for COVID safety, including patio dining availability at the following restaurants:

As we continue to be committed to practicing safe sanitation and food handling with team health checks and enhanced cleaning procedures in all our restaurants, we feel privileged to be based in the Sunshine State and have the option to keep our outside dining areas open throughout the year to make our guests feel safer when they come to visit.