Throw a crowd pleaser with these unique ideas

Key takeaways:

  • Theme party ideas help make your event stand out
  • Draw inspiration from big events like Coachella and Burning Man
  • Satisfy your inner child with bouncy castles or a video game theme
  • Travel the seas on a yacht or run away with the circus
  • Kick the beach party theme up a notch with a night in Havana
  • Turn your party into an ode to your favorite show or video games 
  • Dive into the past with a time traveler theme or party it up during the apocalypse

A theme takes any party from ordinary to extraordinary. It breaks the ice between guests and creates a fun hashtag for social media. Party themes are awesome but if you’re tired of the tried-and-true 80s and beach party themes, break out of your comfort zone and try something new!

We believe in having a good time so we’ve put together a list of 11 unique theme party ideas to help you plan your next event. Looking for an innovative, crowd-pleasing theme for your next get-together? Then, check out these concepts.

1. Burning Man meets Coachella

You don’t have to travel to the middle of the desert to get wild with your friends. Fashion, music, art, and a plain ol’ good old time converge at both of these events and this theme lets you bring these ideas together at your bash. 

Take a note from Burning Man and have everyone bring something fun to share with guests or to entertain the crew. Book live music or play Coachella videos and encourage everyone to wear their most stylish outfits with a hint of hippy flair. 

2. Inner child party

Plan a party that makes your inner child light up with grown-up versions of your favorite childhood pastimes. Rent a bouncy castle, create an adult-sized ball pit, and bring out the slip-and-slide. Get interactive with child-like games such as kickball or video games and don’t forget the small details like bubbles to blow and confetti to throw and, of course, lots of tasty snacks with an emphasis on desserts.

3. Walking onto a yacht

You don’t need to own a yacht to throw a nautical-inspired party but if you happen to have access to a boat, pull up the anchors and hit the seas. Strike a sophisticated tone with crisp white and navy blue decor and have everyone dress as if you’re heading to the French Riviera. Indulge in fine food, play some disco tunes, and most importantly, keep it classy whether you’re in your backyard or on the water. 

4. Run away with the circus

Circus party theme ideas give you lots of room to play. Use classic circus stripes in your decor and serve up cotton candy and peanuts in addition to the rest of your fare. Encourage your guests to put on an act or bring in people to read fortunes, perform skits, or paint faces. Hang up some yoga ropes for aerial acrobatics and make sure to play some circus music.

5. Havana nights

Beach parties are one of the most popular theme party ideas but they are slightly overplayed. Take your event up a notch by turning the beach theme into a “Havana nights” theme. Invite your guests to a fun night at your Cuban-inspired party. Serve rum cocktails, hand out cigars, play Latin dance music, and tell your guests to wear tropical prints or other vintage resort wear. 

6. Rock-and-roll party

Who doesn’t like to party like a rockstar? Decorate your space with silver and black, tell Spotify to play everything from The Rolling Stones to AC/DC to Nirvana, and roll back the rugs for some headbanging! Have guests dress as their favorite rock stars and consider having a costume contest with rewards for “best mohawk” or “most realistic depiction of a rock star.” Spray-on hair dye and temporary tattoos can help finish off costumes once the party is rolling (and rocking). 

7. Gamer gala

Video games are one of the most fun and versatile theme party ideas. Tell guests to dress as their favorite video game character and have a lot of games to play at the party. Bring in extra TVs and set up classic consoles, rent some retro arcade games or pinball machines, and make sure to have some virtual reality headsets on-site. 

Make the party interactive by connecting game consoles to a large screen and projector, hosting a video game tournament, or giving out prizes for the best video game costume. 

8. Trash TV bash

You don’t have to watch trash TV alone at home – you can embrace this theme party idea and watch with your friends. Choose a good reality show and build your party around that concept. Think “The Bachelor/Bachelorette,” “90 Day Fiancé,” or even a tamer classic like “House Hunters.”  

9. Time traveler party

“Decade” parties are all the rage but you don’t have to pick a single decade. Let your guests pick the decade they want to represent with a time traveler party theme. Your guests can show up dressed as pharaohs from ancient Egypt, cowboys from the Old West, punk rockers from the 1980s, or a character from any other decade.  

The world and its history are your oysters for this event and for the decor, you can choose your favorite decade or decorate the space with time travel machines and multiple period themes. 

10. Sunday croquet

Take some inspiration from the 1989 classic film “Heathers” and throw a garden party. Everyone should wear their finest attire for croquet Sunday – fancy hats are optional but they help crank up the fun. Set up a croquet game, hand out the mallets, pour some cocktails, and have some fun.

11. End-of-time event

Did someone say apocalypse? Host an end-of-time event where everyone dresses like zombies or people who have just stumbled out of a nuclear bomb shelter. The decor can be minimalist but you may want to draw inspiration from shows like “The Walking Dead” or video games like the Fallout series.  

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