Featured in the Sun Sentinel March 16, 2015:

TooJay’s Deli deli chef Dennis Snuszk offers his secrets for perfect corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day: Use whole beef brisket, not “flat” or “1st cut” which is very lean, dryer in texture and not as flavorful. Avoid boiling the brisket as it could result in a tough finished result. Bring the water to a boil and allow to simmer through the entire cooking process. Here are more tips:

Use oven cooking bags: These captures the natural juices, increased yield, tender result, better overall flavor and real easy cleanup. Add to the bag beer or beef stock and fresh veggies cut large.

Check the temperature: With a meat thermometer check that the internal temperature in the center of the brisket reaches a minimum 165F to insure it is fully cooked and tender.

Steam bath finish: If possible, hold the meat in a heated steamer cabinet for about 2-3 hours until fork tender.