Congratulations! You’re vaccinated! Celebrate a return to normalcy with these vaccination party ideas. 

If you think about it, it’s kind of fitting that we’re in the 2020s. A hundred years after the glitzy, champagne-soaked era of the 1920s, we’re entering a new kind of roaring twenties – the kind that comes after more than a year of staying home. 

We’re definitely not the only ones who are predicting the beginning of the roaring 2020s. All across the US, people are gearing up for a summer of parties, travel, and hugging (remember hugging?). As vaccination rates go up and COVID-19 rates go down, there’s no better time to start planning on making up for the isolation of 2020 with a vaccination party in 2021. 

We know, a vaccination party may not be the exact kind of soiree you had in mind for your life, but if the past year has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. That’s exactly why you should get in on the surprising fun of a vaccination party. It’s a chance to reunite with the people you love and toast to a brighter future.

Curious about what one wears to a vaccination party, what the decorations might look like, or what the heck a vaccination party even is? We’ve got you covered.

What is a vaccination party?

This type of party is about capitalizing on the growing vaccination rates. It’s a time to (finally!) hang out with the people you’ve been missing without compromising safety. And let’s face it, after 2020, it’s a much-deserved chance to smile, laugh, and let loose. 

True to its name, a vaccination party is a celebratory gathering made up of people who have all been vaccinated. Think of your vaccination card as a VIP card for the best event of the year. 

Go big or go small?

If you’ve spent the past year in the company of the people you share a home with, it’s probably been quite a while since you planned a party. Who should you invite? How many? 

It’s a good question. When you’re used to thinking about doing everything in small groups, the concept of a gathering that doesn’t take place over Zoom can be quite foreign.

If it’s your first time hosting a party after getting vaccinated, you may want to start small. Many people are facing social anxiety after a year spent social distancing. Plus, opting for a small group (think close family and/or friends) will give you time to really catch up with the people you’ve been missing the most.

Celebrate your employees with a workplace vaccination party

For employers and employees, a workplace vaccination party can be a way to celebrate together. If you’re the boss, consider hosting a thank-you party for employees who have been vaccinated or for those who have been working in a public-facing role throughout the pandemic. Have a hashtag (such as #gotvaxxed), a photo booth, and giveaways that show you care. It’s a great way to celebrate your team; it can also be a great way to make returning to the office more fun. Nothing says “welcome back” like a party. 

You might even draw inspiration from this workplace that hosted a vaccination disco party.

Reunite with your family and friends

When planning a vaccination party for your friends and family, you want to make it special by creating plenty of opportunities for people to catch up with each other – think of all you have to talk about after being apart for so long! Make the vaccination party inviting and welcoming by hosting it at your house rather than a restaurant. This will allow people to linger and share stories as long as they like. 

P.S. Remember all of those quarantine home decorating projects you got into? Now is the time to show off your work!

Party ideas

So what exactly is the theme for a vaccination party? We’re used to luaus, black-tie affairs, and costume parties, but vaccination parties are kind of a new thing. 

Because there’s no established etiquette for this type of party, the sky is the limit when planning one! However, if you’re stuck, we’ve got a few ideas. 

You might consider really leaning into the vaccination theme with vaccination décor – pharmacy decorations, syringes filled with shots (of Jack and Coke, not Johnson & Johnson), and napkins that look like vaccination cards. You could also give away wellness-themed goodies, like gift bags filled with reusable water bottles, candles, and at-home spa treatments. 

If the sight of a syringe at a party makes you remember how much you hated getting shots as a kid, opt for a roaring twenties-themed event. Think jazz music, gold tinsel hanging from the ceiling, champagne, and fringe dresses. 

Dust gathering on your dress-up clothes? Say goodbye to your sweatpants by hosting a dressy vaccination party. Finally, everyone has a chance to put on makeup and look their best – and not just for Zoom.

Missing vacation? Have a vacation make up party as an homage to last year’s canceled trips. You can decorate based on one location (Hawaii, Paris, etc.) or hang up photos of as many places as possible. While you’re at the gathering, take time to dream about the places you’ll actually travel to in 2021. 

Go all out with great catering

TooJay’s Catering offers a wide selection of snacks, entrees, and treats to make your vaccination party memorable. If this is the first party you’ve had in forever, catering is the perfect way to make it the best event in a long, long time. Check out our catering menu to see all the tasty treats you can get for you and your gang of public health heroes.