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Best Gifts for Your Favorite Foodies

Gift Card and Dessert Platter Images

Finding the best gifts for your favorite foodies can be difficult, but gift-giving is a beloved tradition that has been around for generations. As humans, we like to feel connected to people we care about, and gift-giving is a way to do that and express our feelings. There is nothing better than tying a bow on the best gift for a loved one or opening a gift-wrapped box to find the favorite item you’ve been wanting. The joy that this ritual brings is one of the many things that make the holiday season highly anticipated and so loved, especially after an unexpected year filled with worry and stress. As you make your list and check it twice, consider TooJay’s Deli your one-stop place to shop for the foodies in your life. Our beloved deli offers various deals and delicious finds that are sure to satisfy everyone, from family and friends to colleagues and acquaintances.

Gift Cards Make the Best Gifts

Best Gifts for your favorite foodies: It's better to give AND receive! Spend $25 and get $5

Food is considered a love language for many, so one of the greatest gifts you can give is a delicious meal. There’s no better stocking stuffer for family and friends or a more perfect way to show appreciation to teachers and colleagues than a TooJay’s gift card. It’s a wonderful treat that allows everyone to choose their favorite items from TooJay’s incredible menu while also alleviating the stress of holiday shopping. Today through December 24, TooJay’s is offering a $5 bonus card for future use with every $25 of’s gift cards you buy in-store. Guests can also purchase gift cards online with the simple click of a button and have them shipped directly to the recipient with a personal message included. Bonus cards are only available for in-store purchases and are valid for redemption from December 26, 2020, through February 28, 2021, perfectly timed for post-holiday savings.

Delectable Desserts

Nothing rings in the holiday season more than delicious, made-from-scratch desserts. TooJay’s Deli’s bakery has various fresh sweets, including convenient and beautifully curated dessert platters with an assortment of treats like rugalach, signature mini black & white cookies, brownies and more, as well as gourmet specialty cakes and seasonal favorites like the Red Velvet Cake. Purchasing these delightful goodies is also easy, making those last-minute gifts a breeze. Guests can visit their local TooJay’s location and get desserts to go or order in advance online or through the Delicious Rewards app. For added convenience and safety, contactless curbside pickup is available for prepaid orders placed online. 

Although gift-giving is a favorite tradition for many, it can become overwhelming and stressful at times. The key is to remember; it is the thought that counts. Additionally, ease the stress and do all your shopping in one place. TooJay’s takes the hassle out of shopping while providing a quality gift for loved ones. During the holiday season and beyond, TooJay’s is committed to providing delicious food and quality service, making every one of life’s special moments that much brighter.


Outdoor Patio Dining at TooJay’s

Florida’s beautiful weather year-round is one of the many benefits of living in the sunshine state. During the pandemic, more people have embraced the outdoors and use it as a safe escape from being cooped up inside. As people become acclimated to this new “normal,” they are beginning to venture out and enjoy their favorite activities once again but with precautions like outdoor patio dining always top of mind.

Luckily for food lovers, restaurants have been able to reopen safely and implement safety guidelines to ease guests’ worries. Additionally, outdoor seating at restaurants has given people peace of mind and for Floridians, it is something that they can enjoy year-round. 

TooJay’s Patio Dining Locations

* Has seating available to enjoy takeout meals but no table service.

Advantages of Outdoor Patio Dining

It is probably safe to say that most food lovers consider that, aside from the quality of the food, the most enjoyable part of eating out is the experience itself, which can consist of but is not limited to:

  • Décor – The restaurant has a “theme” (i.e. sports or movie memorabilia), artwork or furniture that is unique or people find interesting.
  • Service – What everyone mainly looks for when eating at a restaurant is the convenience of not having to cook or wash dishes and pans. Being taken care of by someone else is also great, and it’s always a plus when the servers and restaurant management are attentive and make guests feel welcome.
  • Atmosphere – Different moods, budgets, and occasions call for different choices in restaurants. For example, couples who celebrate anniversaries or a birthday tend to go to spots that are fancier or have a quiet and romantic setting. Parents who pick up their kids from sports practices would likely stop at a family-friendly restaurant.

Whatever the reason might be, the experience of eating out is usually positive and patio dining is always a joyful experience when the weather is nice. Aside from the obvious choice of avoiding a confined space during the pandemic, patio dining offers guests the advantage of being under the sun and the feel of fresh air while enjoying a delicious meal. For guests who usually feel uncomfortable and cold eating inside air-conditioned settings for a long period of time, outdoor seating is also a great alternative to be more relaxed. Guests looking for a quiet area of a busy restaurant to sit down and read a book or talk on the phone without bothering other patrons have also found that outside dining is the way to go.

Outdoor Patio Dining Trends

As the weather began getting warmer in the early weeks of the pandemic, many restaurants opted to expand their outdoor areas in an effort to create COVID-safe environments and attract more clientele, sometimes even going as far as using sidewalks and closing streets to create open air dining rooms. While this was a no brainer trend then, now restaurants in northern states face the problem of the return of cold weather, which will definitely result in a decrease of clientele.

For Floridians, eating outside is almost always an option. As we enter the winter season, patio dining becomes even more accessible and a popular choice since the weather is still warm enough in most parts of the state.

With locations throughout Florida, TooJay’s Deli is always delighted to host new and loyal returning guests in accordance with all state and local requirements for COVID safety, including patio dining availability at the following restaurants:

As we continue to be committed to practicing safe sanitation and food handling with team health checks and enhanced cleaning procedures in all our restaurants, we feel privileged to be based in the Sunshine State and have the option to keep our outside dining areas open throughout the year to make our guests feel safer when they come to visit.   


Holiday Meals Keep Spirits Bright

Let Us do the cooking this holiday season!

It’s that time of year again, with Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday season officially in full swing. Although most of us will have far fewer guests around the table this year, people are adapting and finding safe ways to enjoy their downsized holiday meals.  

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or any other seasonal tradition, great food is the centerpiece that brings everyone together. And while it’s admirable to do all the cooking yourself, it indeed is a tremendous amount of work. If you want to really enjoy your guests and the bountiful meal you serve, then ordering your holiday meals from TooJay’s Deli is the way to go. You’ll get the double benefit of delicious holiday favorites with little or no cooking required. With that decision made, you can relax and have fun planning everything else that goes into a memorable holiday celebration. The following tips can help:

2020 Holiday Meal Basics

If you haven’t already done so, determine how many guests you can invite, based on the space you’ll need for social distancing. Consider hosting your holiday celebration outside in the backyard or on a balcony if space permits. The primary concern is that everyone feels comfortable with your plan. If your family and friends aren’t visiting for the holidays this year, plan a ZOOM call or Facetime, the next best thing to being here.

Holiday Meals of any size

The holidays may not be traditional this year. However, the foods still can be, starting with TooJay’s famous Nova Latkes for Hanukah and the restaurant’s tempting selection of traditional Christmas dinners. Whether you’ll be dining alone or with a small group, it’s easy to have TooJay’s do the cooking for your holiday meal. Narrow your choices, create a concise menu based on what your guests like best, and consider whether any children will be there and other food preferences.

TooJay’s Deli offers traditional holiday catering packages featuring a variety of popular sides and famously decadent desserts. Orders must be placed in advance, and contactless curbside pickup is available.

Buffet, plated, or family-style?

Should you serve the meal buffet, plated, or family-style this year? The answer depends on the number of guests, the amount of space you have, and how comfortable your guests will be. It’s all about social distancing this year, so plated meals are likely to be the popular choice. If any of your guests have offered to help, consider designating a spot in the kitchen for filling and re-filling people’s plates, so only one person needs to handle the serving utensils.

Festive Beverages

If you’re hunting for the best selection of holiday beverages,consider a festive iced tea or lemonade made with bright, flavorful fruits, such as TooJay’s Peach Tea or Strawberry Lemonade. Make an alcohol-free version for the kids and add some sparkling wine for the grown-up batch. It just might become a family tradition! Beyond your signature beverage, stick to the basics: red and white wine, beer, plain and bubbly water, juice for the kids, and coffee and tea for dessert.

Holiday Meals and Table Décor

A table setting is as much of an art as cooking. A touch of nostalgia from your family’s holiday memorabilia mixed with new decorations you’ve collected along the way are part of the season’s magic and sure to keep your spirits bright. Your table setting doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or challenging to create; it just needs to be a labor of love.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t overschedule, overindulge, or overspend. Take the time to stop and smell the roses, or more likely, the aroma of the turkey roasting in the oven! Think about what the holiday season means to you. Rather than worrying about cooking the “perfect” holiday dinner, let TooJay’s Deli do the cooking so you can enjoy the celebration you’ve planned.

Check out our Catering Video to learn more about contactless catering delivery!  

Happy holidays to you all from the TooJay’s Team!


Charcuterie: Get on the Board!

TooJay's Meat and Cheese Platter is always a good start to any charcuterie board

The Perfect At-Home Activity

Calling all at-home epicureans! Most of us are spending much more time at home than ever before, there’s never been a better time to showcase your creative kitchen skills with the widespread phenomenon known as the charcuterie board.

If you’re a foodie with a passion for exciting combinations of meats, cheeses, colorful fruits, and vegetables served with crunchy artisanal bread, you’ll love the many ways these versatile ingredients complement each other. Charcuterie boards are surprisingly easy to arrange, don’t need to be expensive, and offer the variety you need to please everyone’s appetite. These are perfect for date night or family game night! Here’s where to start:


The first thing you’ll need for your charcuterie masterpiece is the foundation, typically a platter, tray, or board made of wood or marble. Feel free to get creative and use whatever type of foundation you have on hand. You’ll also need some small dishes to place on the board for dips, nuts, or olives. A variety of shapes and colors will make your presentation pop, so feel free to use whatever you have in your cabinets.

The size of the foundation matters, as the more extensive the board you use, the more you’ll need to fill it. The great thing about charcuterie boards is their versatility, so there’s no right or wrong. Use your imagination, get creative, and have fun.  

Meats & Cheeses

Sandwich and Burger Charcuterie

Variety is the essence of a charcuterie board, so you should include at least three types of cheeses and meats on your board. You can visit the deli counter at TooJay’s Deli and have them slice the exact amounts of meats and cheeses you need. The extensive menu includes provolone, Muenster, pastrami, roast beef, and more. If you’re in the mood for something straightforward and delicious, TooJay’s also offers an assortment of convenient catering platters of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits, which you can deconstruct and use to build your board. Ordering is accessible by phone or online.

Extra Charcuterie Items

Although meats and cheeses are the stars of the show, other great ingredients can jazz up your board and make it your own unique creation. Jellies, jams, and spreads add another nice texture, especially if you don’t have a spreadable cheese on the board. Fruits and veggies add a fresh touch, balance the meats and cheeses’ saltiness, and provide a nice pop of color. Strawberries and grapes add a naturally fresh touch alongside the crunchiness of nuts, such as almonds and walnuts. Last but certainly not least, you’ll need a variety of bread and crackers.  Pick up some of TooJay’s famous Rye Bread and cut slices into quarters for the perfect pairing.

Build Your Charcuterie Board

Now that you have your foundation and items, it’s time to build your charcuterie board. Think of it as creating a culinary collage. First, add structure by placing the smaller bowls with nuts or spreads on the board and continue to build your display around them. Folding each slice of meat gives a layered look and makes it easier to select a piece without touching the surrounding slices. It’s okay if items overlap and seem to blend together, like a delicious tapestry. Then add the crackers or bread, conveniently placing them near the meats and cheeses. Rather than just laying everything flat, you may want to stack some things and let others fall to the side. Fill in the open spots with colorful fruits, veggies, and any other garnishes you prefer.

4 S’s of Charcuterie: Sweet, Savory, Salty, Spicy

Make sure you keep the 4 S’s of Charcuterie foremost in your mind as you decide what items to include; this keeps your board balanced and ensures that it will delight your taste buds!

  1. Sweet. Fruit (fresh and dried): grapes, strawberries, dates, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, figs, etc. Your spreads can also be sweet like the apricot jam, fig spread, jellies, etc.
  2. Savory. The cheese and meats take charge here. Prepare to have at least 3 varieties of each.
  3. Salty. Because the meats are cured, they are also salty. Cheese, nuts, and crackers are other sources of salty items.
  4. Spicy. You don’t need to go overboard here – maybe one or two items. Just make sure you let your guests know where the heat is on your charcuterie.

Voila! Your board is now ready to enjoy! The combination of sweet and savory flavors in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement is sure to get rave reviews. And since no French dish is complete without wine, choose a selection that pairs well with the meats and cheeses on your board.  

All you need for a fantastic charcuterie board is a little imagination and a lot of appreciation for how delicious it can be. Whether you keep your board simple or dress it up, no rules apply. Whether you’re quarantining at home or social distancing with friends, a charcuterie board is a perfect way to make a meal your own.

With 20 locations spanning from the Villages to Orlando, and all the way down to Plantation, TooJay’s has been providing Florida with Deli-style delights like Meats and Cheeses since 1981.


A Sandwich Shop and So Much More!

Storefront of TooJay's Palm Beach Outlets location

TooJay’s Deli – More than Just a Sandwich Shop

The best sandwich shop can be the perfect place to enjoy a classic meal that soothes the soul. Known for its piled-high sandwiches with a traditional pickle pairing, TooJay’s Deli has solidified itself as a leader in this category. Between the delicious pastrami, which TooJays sells 270,000 pounds of each year or perfectly sliced roast beef, cravings for the perfect sandwich are always fulfilled at the beloved deli. However, TooJay’s is so much more than just a sandwich shop. With a rich history of providing homestyle quality meals and excellent customer service, it has become a staple in many communities across the Sunshine State.

Let’s start from the beginning

Founded on the island of Palm Beach in 1981, the TooJay’s brand was born out of the passion for creating classic recipes and flavors of an authentic deli. Started by two men, they used the shared portion of their names (two “Jays”) to derive the name.

Quickly becoming a hot spot on the island, TooJay’s opened two more locations in South Florida by 1984. Today, TooJay’s has 20 locations throughout the state of Florida in Orlando, the Treasure Coast, and Palm Beach and Broward counties. As the brand expanded throughout the years, providing the best comfort foods has always remained the same.

Beyond the Best Sandwich Shop

Over the years, TooJay’s Deli has created an extensive menu with a variety of hearty entrées, handcrafted sandwiches, made-from-scratch soups and salads delectable baked goods. TooJay’s combines authentic deli flavors with classic meals to create exciting offerings that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you are an all-American breakfast enthusiast or looking for lighter options to begin your day, TooJay’s satisfies everyone at the table. Popular breakfast items include the Nova Salmon Benedict, T.J.’s Ultimate Omelet, and Waffle Sliders. Fresh fruit salads, fish platters, and a Veggie Scramble Wrap round out the list of lighter options.

Whether coming in for lunch or dinner, the deli-inspired restaurant has an assortment of meals for any appetite. Popular starters include loaded latkes, fried dill pickles, classic cheese blintzes, and beer-battered onion rings. Fan-favorite deli sandwiches include the hot pastrami and the Triple J, featuring corned beef, roast beef, turkey, and Swiss cheese rolled with Coleslaw and homestyle Russian dressing. For lighter options, guests can choose from various hand-tossed salads made with fresh ingredients and classic deli scoops like chicken salad, egg salad, and many more. Chicken noodle soup and matzo ball soup are big fan favorites. In fact, so popular that each year 86,000 gallons of chicken soup and 975,000 matzo balls are prepared. TooJay’s For those looking for hearty entrées, TooJay’s offers a fantastic selection of classic comfort foods like the Shepherd’s Pie and a traditional turkey dinner with all of the fixings. Classic burgers, deli dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other succulent hot handhelds are also available. To end the meal on a sweet note, TooJay’s famous bakery has desirable options that can make anyone indulge.  Decadent cakes top the list with popular favorites like the Banana Dream and Coconut Cake, contributing to the staggering fact that 1.5 million slices of cake are sold each year. Other items that guests usually love include the signature black & white cookies, traditional rugalach coming in different flavors, and the mini napoleon & eclair combo.

A family-friendly restaurant

Kids love TooJay's sandwich shop
Kids Love TooJay’s

With so many delicious options for all ages to enjoy, TooJay’s has become the go-to for families celebrating life events big or small. Convenient takeout or curbside pickup is perfect for busy parents juggling work, after-school activities, and dinner time. Catering packages alleviate the stress of cooking holiday meals, like Rosh Hashanah and Thanksgiving, and it’s as easy as placing an order online. The bakery’s made-from-scratch desserts are the perfect addition to any birthday celebration or party. TooJay’s also helps families celebrate holidays and milestones like Halloween or a new school year with special Kids Eat Free deals.

As families keep turning to TooJay’s to fulfill their dining needs, the restaurant is guaranteed to remain a trusted partner and cherished tradition for generations to come.


Catering for Any Sized Event

Catering Chicken Capri

Catering Makes Entertaining Stress-Free

Few tasks can be more stressful than hosting a gathering, whether you’re faced with preparing a fancy dinner or a simply delicious lunch or breakfast. Whether for home or office, planning an event can sound like a great idea when you think of it, but quickly can become overwhelming when you lay out the details. How do you decide what to serve and still have the pleasure of enjoying your guests? The answer is simple, find the best catering near you! 

In your search for a solution, remember that cooking everything ahead of time is rarely the answer. Most foods require some time in the kitchen for heating, re-plating, and putting on the finishing touches. 

Thankfully, TooJay’s Deli, with locations throughout Florida, provides excellent catering options for an event of any size. With contactless curbside pick-up and delivery options available and strict adherence to all current health and safety guidelines, you can rest assured that your experience will be safe and easy from the start.

Catering Orders Made Easy

The first step to a successful catering experience is placing your order online or calling your nearest TooJay’s location. Know the date and time for pick-up or delivery, the items you want, and the number of people you expect to serve.  

If you need some help selecting your menu, TooJay’s can help you plan the perfect menu. Contact your nearest location or complete a catering request form to receive expert advice for your next event.

Many Options ‘Too’ Choose From!

TooJay’s catering menu is full of crowd-pleasing breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for groups of all sizes.

Hosting a longer event?? Have no fear! With great food and the ability to customize your order for nearly any size event, TooJay’s has you covered.  The All-Day Meeting package is a crowd-pleaser with an assortment of bagels, pastries, muffins, and coffee service. When lunchtime rolls around, there’s something for everyone when you order assorted sandwiches and wraps with coleslaw or potato salad and pickles. For break time, TooJay’s Traditional Dessert Platter is sure to make everyone sit up and notice.

In addition to their famous, piled-high sandwiches, TooJay’s offers an array of hot entrée selections that provide delicious comfort food for the holidays or any day. 

Endless Combinations

It’s easy to see why TooJay’s is renowned for the seemingly endless options on its menu, and that holds true for a catering menu with a selection that’s second to none.

Let’s begin with breakfast and get your event started on a positive note with The Executive Breakfast, the Omelette Station, and a selection of breakfast platters for all tastes and sizes. Oatmeal, grits, vanilla yogurt and more are also available to order à la carte.

When lunchtime rolls around, you can take an individualized approach with an impressive variety of individual boxed sandwich/wrap combo options. Boxed sandwich/wrap combos are served with coleslaw or potato salad, a pickle, and the deli’s famous Black & White cookie. Individual hand-crafted salads are also available and are accompanied by a Black & White cookie.

For Game Day parties and other fun get-togethers, choose from the Game Day Bundle, Signature or Classic Party Platters and enjoy an assortment of sandwiches or wraps served with coleslaw or potato salad and pickles. Other party options include generous platters of assorted deli meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, or cheese.

If it’s time to delight a  group of family, friends, or business associates, TooJay’s Signature and Classic Executive Meeting Packages serve 4 to 10 people and include platters of deli sandwiches, a variety of wraps, or a combination of both, served with a house or Caesar salad, one side of coleslaw or potato salad and pickles, plus TooJay’s Traditional Dessert Platter. Hot entrées are also available for lunch and dinner events. Popular items include the Chicken Capri, Shepherd’s Pie, Pasta, Salmon, Beef Brisket, Old Fashioned Pot Roast, and more. 

So, before you panic about your next event, remember that TooJay’s is here to serve a meal that everyone can enjoy – including you.

Are you trying to find the best catering near you?

Look no further! Our Catering menu is packed with all the crowd-pleasing favorites for any sized group! Whether you are hosting a breakfast or lunch business meeting, a family gathering, or a full formal dinner, TooJay’s has you covered! Our ordering process is completed in five simple steps:

  • Select the date and time you need your order
  • Choose between pick-up or delivery (Fees apply)
  • Let us know how many guests you are hosting
  • Select your menu items
  • Place your order

Unsure if you need boxed lunches, gourmet party platters, lavish hor d’oeuvres, or our irresistible hot entree buffets, then contact our dedicated catering sales team and they will be more than happy to assist you with all of your catering needs!

Let us cater to you! We bring the deli to you for any size gathering. Click to watch our catering video. Delivery area and times are limited. Call your favorite location for details. $50 order minimum.

Founded in 1981, TooJay’s has catered over Half-a-Million events across the state of Florida. We are currently serving guests in Palm Beach and Broward counties, the Treasure Coast, the Orlando area, and The Villages.


Catering with TooJay’s

Simply Great Catering by TooJay’s

Catering during COVID-19

Our events may look a little different right now, but they should always be delicious! Let TooJay’s cater your next event – of any size. We offer contactless curbside pick-up as well as delivery to your home, office, or event location. We can assist with set up or drop off with contactless delivery. Choose from a variety of platters and trays, hot entrées, and desserts. We are following all guidelines for health and safety and look forward to serving you soon. Call your favorite location or visit our website to order catering now.

Things our catering team we will need to know for your request

  • The date and time you need your catering order
  • If you need pick-up or delivery to your location (Fees apply)
  • Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
  • How many guests you are hosting

If you still unsure if you need boxed lunches, gourmet party platters, lavish hor d’oeuvres, or our irresistible hot entree buffets, then contact our dedicated team of experts, and they will be more than happy to assist you with all of your catering needs!

Founded in 1981, TooJay’s has catered over Half-a-Million events across the state of Florida. We are currently serving guests in Palm Beach and Broward counties, the Treasure Coast, the Orlando area, and The Villages.


Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips with pumpkin bats and toojay's logo

Halloween: Playing it Safe this Year

October ushers in Halloween, a boo-tiful American holiday rich in fall traditions for the whole family to enjoy. Beyond the fanciful witches, ghosts, and goblins, Halloween will look different this year.  There are many reasons to stop and think about how to have fun and stay safe this Halloween.

Halloween Costumes

While costumes surprise and delight us with their creativity, they need to be safe, especially with young children out in the neighborhood at night. Light-colored costumes are a safer choice than dark ones for trick-or-treaters and can be made even safer by adding reflectors and reflective tape. Carrying a flashlight adds an extra dimension of visibility. Kids need to see and be seen, so be sure their masks don’t cover their eyes. Using non-toxic face paint or makeup rather than a mask can help avoid obstructing your child’s vision.

This year’s Halloween will be different from years past, with the CDC warning that costume masks should not be considered a substitute for coronavirus masks unless they have been specially designed with two or more layers of breathable fabric covering the nose and mouth and no gaps around the face.

Costumes also should fit properly and not drag on the ground, thus preventing trips and falls. All costumes, wigs, and accessories should be fire retardant.


Trick-or-treating is the highlight of the night for most kids, but the CDC ranks it as higher risk activity during the pandemic. It’s best to assess your local area’s situation regarding the virus when deciding whether to venture out or stay home.

If you decide to trick-or-treat, keep in mind that an adult should accompany children 12 and under. Youngsters who are mature enough to go out with friends without adult supervision should be reminded to stay in small groups, in familiar areas that are well lit. Remind them to be alert for cars, stick to sidewalks, and always look both ways before crossing the street. If your neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, encourage kids to walk as close to the edge of the road as possible, facing traffic. Flashlights and glowsticks help assure they are seen.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, it is also recommended to accept only wrapped candy for children not to eat any of it until you have inspected it, sanitize their hands after touching anything, and avoid contact with strangers. To be extra safe, take another step by sanitizing all the candy wrappers before opening them up and eating the candy inside.

Halloween Home Safety

Black and White Cookie Image from TooJay's Deli

If you want to join the trick-or-treating fun this year and welcome the neighborhood kids in costume at your door, there are ways to do it safely. Keep the outside of your house well-lit and clear out your walkway, steps, and porch to avoid anyone tripping. Since direct contact is not recommended, put together goodie bags and leave them on the porch or driveway for trick-or-treaters to grab while staying socially distant. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before assembling the treats.  Goodie bags can be as easy as picking up some cookies from TooJay’s Deli’s delicious bakery.

COVID-19 Friendly Activities 

After dinner, carve pumpkins with family or friends in a small group, create a Halloween scavenger hunt around the house or enjoy a Halloween-themed game night. If you want to be extra safe and still see your friends in costume, a virtual costume contest may be the way to go.  

No matter how you decide to celebrate this year, have a safe and spooktacular Halloween! 


TooJay’s Tips for Making the Best Sandwich

Tuna Sandwich

Sandwich History

All hail the Earl of Sandwich, the first person known to appreciate the endless potential of a meal presented between two pieces of bread! Thanks to this avid gambler’s request back in 1762 for a handy meal that he could eat without leaving the card table, today, more than 300 million sandwiches are consumed daily in the U.S., which is almost one sandwich per person each day, nationwide. From the simplest PBJs to creative combinations that take time to craft, placing food between two slices of bread has evolved into one of the world’s most popular and convenient ways to combine an infinite number of ingredients to make the best sandwich.

Although historians are not clear on when the sandwich arrived in America, it officially appeared in an American cookbook around 1815. Since then, every culture in the U.S. melting pot has created its own variations, from the New Orleans Po’ Boy to the Philly Cheesesteak, the New York Club, Los Angeles French Dip, and countless more. Whatever your ethnic culinary preference may be, you likely can find its version of sandwiches ranging from simple to exotic.  

The Evolution of the Sandwich

Pastrami Sandwich is the best1
Pastrami Sandwich

Sandwiches have come a long way since the cook served John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, a piece of salted meat between two pieces of bread. Even the Earl himself was captivated by the creation. He proceeded to draw inspiration from his travels to the Mediterranean, where meats, cheeses, and dips on mezze platters, appetizers similar to tapas, were sometimes layered between slices of bread. In the three centuries since, sandwiches continued to evolve in countless directions and, regardless of their simplicity, have become a culinary art form.  

The Deli Tradition

TooJay's Best Reuben Sandwich

Among all the types of sandwiches, the deli variety holds a special place in the hearts of most sandwich lovers. Delicatessen, derived from the German words for delicious and eat, originated in Germany around the same time the sandwich was popularized by John Montagu in England. The culinary concept was brought to the U.S. by Eastern European Jewish immigrants in the mid-19th century. Originally a retail establishment that sold fine and foreign prepared food, the deli concept evolved into the restaurants we know them as today.

TooJay’s Deli is proud to satisfy the cravings of deli lovers throughout Florida. Whether you need a break after shopping at Palm Beach Outlets, are stopping for lunch at The Fountains in Plantation or meeting friends after golf or tennis at The Villages near Orlando,  TooJay’s has the wide selection of freshly sliced, piled high sandwiches that keeps deli lovers coming back for more.

Tips to Make your Own Materpiece

Best Turkey Cran Griller
TooJay’s Seasonal Turkey Cranberry Griller

While we love to serve our guests in our restaurants every day and be their favorite choice for takeout, curbside, and catering, it’s our pleasure to share some tips for when they’re making a sandwich at home:

Gathering the pieces: First, compile the essential four elements – bread (we recommend fresh-baked Artisan rye, wheat or Challah bread, available for purchase at TooJay’s bakery); spreads (mayonnaise, mustard, or home-style Russian dressing); a generous serving of deli meat from TooJay’s deli counter (corned beef, roast beef, sliced turkey breast, pastrami or a combination of any of these), and secondary ingredients (Swiss or provolone cheese, coleslaw, sauerkraut, lettuce).

Building the Sandwich: The secret to making a great-tasting sandwich is finding a delicious balance of flavors. The combinations are countless and ultimately depend on personal taste preferences. Generously stuffed or lean? Spicy or mild? Hot or cold? It’s up to you!

    1. Grab a slice of bread and add a generous spread of mayo and mustard, or opt instead for no spreads at all.
    2. We have two favorite options for arranging the meat on the sandwich: layered, with one flat or folded slice on top of the other to match the size of the bread; and 2) rolled, with long layers of meat piled up with spread in between and then rolled into TooJay’s famous signature wrap to create a tempting swirl and ensure all ingredients are in every bite.  Feel free to experiment with combinations such as corned beef and pastrami (like the TooJay’s Classic), turkey, roast beef, or a slice of cheese. Add the top slice of bread (toasting is always an option), and there you have it!
    3. Take a bite and enjoy your sandwich!

Whatever type of sandwich you’re craving, no one makes it better than TooJay’s. Stop by to dine in or order online for takeout or contactless curbside pickup.

Our Chefs’ have been creating the best sandwiches in Florida since 1981!


High Holy Days are Rich in Jewish Culinary Traditions

The Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are rich in traditions that go back millennia. Every year at this time, people of the Jewish faith put ordinary schedules and chores on hold for a couple of days to give thanks, take stock of their lives and commit to ways they can improve in the coming year. While the holidays are serious in nature, they also are celebrations of life and hopefulness, with traditional foods playing a major role as families and friends gather to give thanks.

For people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily changed the way we gather around the table and celebrate occasions like the High Holy Days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a delicious Rosh Hashanah dinner or a traditional Yom Kippur break-fast, especially if TooJay’s does the cooking!

Rosh Hashanah- A New Beginning

Beef Brisket for  your High Holy Day celebrations
TooJay’s Beef Brisket Dinner

Rosh Hashanah, which is the new year on the Old Testament calendar, begins on the holiday eve with a celebratory meal of traditional favorites. This year, the holiday starts at sundown on September 18 and continues through nightfall on September 20. The following 10 days until Yom Kippur are considered a period of self-reflection and atonement.  

Rosh Hashanah traditions include greeting others with the phrase “shana tova,” which means “for a good year” in Hebrew, lighting candles at sundown and blowing the shofar (a ram’s horn) each morning to awaken everyone’s awareness of this special day.

In the tradition of Jewish people who trace their roots to Europe, the meal begins with apple slices dipped in honey for a “sweet year,” followed by traditional matzoh ball soup, gefilte (stuffed) fish, a round challah bread, brisket, chicken or turkey with a colorful variety of side dishes and a selection of irresistible desserts like almond cake, honey cake, sponge cake, macaroons and freshly-made rugalach in a variety of flavors. These items and more are available on TooJay’s popular Rosh Hashanah menu.

This year, reservations for dine-in are required for Friday, September 18 and Saturday, September 19. Seating will be limited in keeping with current government mandates. For families who prefer to stay home, orders for convenient takeout and catering must be placed by Tuesday, September 15. Curbside pick-up is available only on pre-paid orders through TooJay’s website or Delicious Rewards app.

Yom Kippur- A Special Day

Matzo Ball Soup is a traditional High Holy Days cuisine
TooJay’s Matzo Ball Soup

Yom Kippur, or the “Day of Atonement,” takes place 10 days after Rosh Hashanah, linking the New Year celebration with the Yom Kippur commitment to self-reflection being a better person in the year to come. The holiest of days on the Hebrew calendar, Yom Kippur begins this year on Sunday, September 27 at sundown and ends at sundown on September 28 with a traditional “break-fast,” after 24 hours of fasting. The break-fast meal with family and friends includes an array of comfort foods to satisfy everyone. TooJay’s break-fast menu features blintzes, mini-latkes, bagels, baked salmon, side dishes, freshly baked breads and traditional desserts from the bakery.

Orders for Yom Kippur takeout, catering and contactless curbside on Monday, September 28 must be placed by Wednesday, September 23.

With the holidays looking and feeling different this year, it’s more important than ever before to celebrate the culinary traditions that keep us focused on brighter days ahead. As we observe the High Holy Days with our Jewish guests, we wish all our guests good health and happiness, now and always. TooJay’s is here to do the cooking whenever you need us! View our Holiday menus here.

Our Chefs have been creating delicious traditional High Holidays cuisine across the state of Florida since 1981. Let us do the cooking this Holiday Season!

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