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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips with pumpkin bats and toojay's logo

Halloween: Playing it Safe this Year

October ushers in Halloween, a boo-tiful American holiday rich in fall traditions for the whole family to enjoy. Beyond the fanciful witches, ghosts, and goblins, Halloween will look different this year.  There are many reasons to stop and think about how to have fun and stay safe this Halloween.

Halloween Costumes

While costumes surprise and delight us with their creativity, they need to be safe, especially with young children out in the neighborhood at night. Light-colored costumes are a safer choice than dark ones for trick-or-treaters and can be made even safer by adding reflectors and reflective tape. Carrying a flashlight adds an extra dimension of visibility. Kids need to see and be seen, so be sure their masks don’t cover their eyes. Using non-toxic face paint or makeup rather than a mask can help avoid obstructing your child’s vision.

This year’s Halloween will be different from years past, with the CDC warning that costume masks should not be considered a substitute for coronavirus masks unless they have been specially designed with two or more layers of breathable fabric covering the nose and mouth and no gaps around the face.

Costumes also should fit properly and not drag on the ground, thus preventing trips and falls. All costumes, wigs, and accessories should be fire retardant.


Trick-or-treating is the highlight of the night for most kids, but the CDC ranks it as higher risk activity during the pandemic. It’s best to assess your local area’s situation regarding the virus when deciding whether to venture out or stay home.

If you decide to trick-or-treat, keep in mind that an adult should accompany children 12 and under. Youngsters who are mature enough to go out with friends without adult supervision should be reminded to stay in small groups, in familiar areas that are well lit. Remind them to be alert for cars, stick to sidewalks, and always look both ways before crossing the street. If your neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, encourage kids to walk as close to the edge of the road as possible, facing traffic. Flashlights and glowsticks help assure they are seen.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, it is also recommended to accept only wrapped candy for children not to eat any of it until you have inspected it, sanitize their hands after touching anything, and avoid contact with strangers. To be extra safe, take another step by sanitizing all the candy wrappers before opening them up and eating the candy inside.

Halloween Home Safety

Black and White Cookie Image from TooJay's Deli

If you want to join the trick-or-treating fun this year and welcome the neighborhood kids in costume at your door, there are ways to do it safely. Keep the outside of your house well-lit and clear out your walkway, steps, and porch to avoid anyone tripping. Since direct contact is not recommended, put together goodie bags and leave them on the porch or driveway for trick-or-treaters to grab while staying socially distant. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before assembling the treats.  Goodie bags can be as easy as picking up some cookies from TooJay’s Deli’s delicious bakery.

COVID-19 Friendly Activities 

After dinner, carve pumpkins with family or friends in a small group, create a Halloween scavenger hunt around the house or enjoy a Halloween-themed game night. If you want to be extra safe and still see your friends in costume, a virtual costume contest may be the way to go.  

No matter how you decide to celebrate this year, have a safe and spooktacular Halloween! 


TooJay’s Tips for Making the Best Sandwich

Tuna Sandwich

Sandwich History

All hail the Earl of Sandwich, the first person known to appreciate the endless potential of a meal presented between two pieces of bread! Thanks to this avid gambler’s request back in 1762 for a handy meal that he could eat without leaving the card table, today, more than 300 million sandwiches are consumed daily in the U.S., which is almost one sandwich per person each day, nationwide. From the simplest PBJs to creative combinations that take time to craft, placing food between two slices of bread has evolved into one of the world’s most popular and convenient ways to combine an infinite number of ingredients to make the best sandwich.

Although historians are not clear on when the sandwich arrived in America, it officially appeared in an American cookbook around 1815. Since then, every culture in the U.S. melting pot has created its own variations, from the New Orleans Po’ Boy to the Philly Cheesesteak, the New York Club, Los Angeles French Dip, and countless more. Whatever your ethnic culinary preference may be, you likely can find its version of sandwiches ranging from simple to exotic.  

The Evolution of the Sandwich

Pastrami Sandwich is the best1
Pastrami Sandwich

Sandwiches have come a long way since the cook served John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, a piece of salted meat between two pieces of bread. Even the Earl himself was captivated by the creation. He proceeded to draw inspiration from his travels to the Mediterranean, where meats, cheeses, and dips on mezze platters, appetizers similar to tapas, were sometimes layered between slices of bread. In the three centuries since, sandwiches continued to evolve in countless directions and, regardless of their simplicity, have become a culinary art form.  

The Deli Tradition

TooJay's Best Reuben Sandwich

Among all the types of sandwiches, the deli variety holds a special place in the hearts of most sandwich lovers. Delicatessen, derived from the German words for delicious and eat, originated in Germany around the same time the sandwich was popularized by John Montagu in England. The culinary concept was brought to the U.S. by Eastern European Jewish immigrants in the mid-19th century. Originally a retail establishment that sold fine and foreign prepared food, the deli concept evolved into the restaurants we know them as today.

TooJay’s Deli is proud to satisfy the cravings of deli lovers throughout Florida. Whether you need a break after shopping at Palm Beach Outlets, are stopping for lunch at The Fountains in Plantation or meeting friends after golf or tennis at The Villages near Orlando,  TooJay’s has the wide selection of freshly sliced, piled high sandwiches that keeps deli lovers coming back for more.

Tips to Make your Own Materpiece

Best Turkey Cran Griller
TooJay’s Seasonal Turkey Cranberry Griller

While we love to serve our guests in our restaurants every day and be their favorite choice for takeout, curbside, and catering, it’s our pleasure to share some tips for when they’re making a sandwich at home:

Gathering the pieces: First, compile the essential four elements – bread (we recommend fresh-baked Artisan rye, wheat or Challah bread, available for purchase at TooJay’s bakery); spreads (mayonnaise, mustard, or home-style Russian dressing); a generous serving of deli meat from TooJay’s deli counter (corned beef, roast beef, sliced turkey breast, pastrami or a combination of any of these), and secondary ingredients (Swiss or provolone cheese, coleslaw, sauerkraut, lettuce).

Building the Sandwich: The secret to making a great-tasting sandwich is finding a delicious balance of flavors. The combinations are countless and ultimately depend on personal taste preferences. Generously stuffed or lean? Spicy or mild? Hot or cold? It’s up to you!

    1. Grab a slice of bread and add a generous spread of mayo and mustard, or opt instead for no spreads at all.
    2. We have two favorite options for arranging the meat on the sandwich: layered, with one flat or folded slice on top of the other to match the size of the bread; and 2) rolled, with long layers of meat piled up with spread in between and then rolled into TooJay’s famous signature wrap to create a tempting swirl and ensure all ingredients are in every bite.  Feel free to experiment with combinations such as corned beef and pastrami (like the TooJay’s Classic), turkey, roast beef, or a slice of cheese. Add the top slice of bread (toasting is always an option), and there you have it!
    3. Take a bite and enjoy your sandwich!

Whatever type of sandwich you’re craving, no one makes it better than TooJay’s. Stop by to dine in or order online for takeout or contactless curbside pickup.

Our Chefs’ have been creating the best sandwiches in Florida since 1981!


High Holy Days are Rich in Jewish Culinary Traditions

The Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are rich in traditions that go back millennia. Every year at this time, people of the Jewish faith put ordinary schedules and chores on hold for a couple of days to give thanks, take stock of their lives and commit to ways they can improve in the coming year. While the holidays are serious in nature, they also are celebrations of life and hopefulness, with traditional foods playing a major role as families and friends gather to give thanks.

For people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily changed the way we gather around the table and celebrate occasions like the High Holy Days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a delicious Rosh Hashanah dinner or a traditional Yom Kippur break-fast, especially if TooJay’s does the cooking!

Rosh Hashanah- A New Beginning

Beef Brisket for  your High Holy Day celebrations
TooJay’s Beef Brisket Dinner

Rosh Hashanah, which is the new year on the Old Testament calendar, begins on the holiday eve with a celebratory meal of traditional favorites. This year, the holiday starts at sundown on September 18 and continues through nightfall on September 20. The following 10 days until Yom Kippur are considered a period of self-reflection and atonement.  

Rosh Hashanah traditions include greeting others with the phrase “shana tova,” which means “for a good year” in Hebrew, lighting candles at sundown and blowing the shofar (a ram’s horn) each morning to awaken everyone’s awareness of this special day.

In the tradition of Jewish people who trace their roots to Europe, the meal begins with apple slices dipped in honey for a “sweet year,” followed by traditional matzoh ball soup, gefilte (stuffed) fish, a round challah bread, brisket, chicken or turkey with a colorful variety of side dishes and a selection of irresistible desserts like almond cake, honey cake, sponge cake, macaroons and freshly-made rugalach in a variety of flavors. These items and more are available on TooJay’s popular Rosh Hashanah menu.

This year, reservations for dine-in are required for Friday, September 18 and Saturday, September 19. Seating will be limited in keeping with current government mandates. For families who prefer to stay home, orders for convenient takeout and catering must be placed by Tuesday, September 15. Curbside pick-up is available only on pre-paid orders through TooJay’s website or Delicious Rewards app.

Yom Kippur- A Special Day

Matzo Ball Soup is a traditional High Holy Days cuisine
TooJay’s Matzo Ball Soup

Yom Kippur, or the “Day of Atonement,” takes place 10 days after Rosh Hashanah, linking the New Year celebration with the Yom Kippur commitment to self-reflection being a better person in the year to come. The holiest of days on the Hebrew calendar, Yom Kippur begins this year on Sunday, September 27 at sundown and ends at sundown on September 28 with a traditional “break-fast,” after 24 hours of fasting. The break-fast meal with family and friends includes an array of comfort foods to satisfy everyone. TooJay’s break-fast menu features blintzes, mini-latkes, bagels, baked salmon, side dishes, freshly baked breads and traditional desserts from the bakery.

Orders for Yom Kippur takeout, catering and contactless curbside on Monday, September 28 must be placed by Wednesday, September 23.

With the holidays looking and feeling different this year, it’s more important than ever before to celebrate the culinary traditions that keep us focused on brighter days ahead. As we observe the High Holy Days with our Jewish guests, we wish all our guests good health and happiness, now and always. TooJay’s is here to do the cooking whenever you need us! View our Holiday menus here.

Our Chefs have been creating delicious traditional High Holidays cuisine across the state of Florida since 1981. Let us do the cooking this Holiday Season!


Catering with TooJay’s

Simply Great Catering by TooJay’s

Catering during COVID-19

Our events may look a little different right now, but they should always be delicious! Let TooJay’s cater your next event – of any size. We offer contactless curbside pick-up as well as delivery to your home, office, or event location. We can assist with set up or drop off with contactless delivery. Choose from a variety of platters and trays, hot entrées, and desserts. We are following all guidelines for health and safety and look forward to serving you soon. Call your favorite location or visit our catering page to order now.


TooJay’s Offers the Best Burger in Florida with a Deli Twist

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Burger History

It should come as no surprise that the hamburger is one of America’s favorite and most recognizable foods due to its versatility, variety, and simplicity. What is not to love about the combination of a juicy patty, freshly baked bun, melted cheese, and fresh toppings of tomatoes, lettuce, and onions? Even though its origins are traced back to the city of Hamburg in Germany, the modern burger was popularized and commercialized first in the United States as early as the late 19th century. Throughout the years, burgers have evolved into a whole new experience that satisfies food lovers everywhere. With a variety of new flavors and creative twists on the all-time favorite, the country has become even more obsessed.

When Deli meets Burger

When people think of traditional New York-style delis, many things come to mind, including cold cut sandwiches, rye bread, soup, corned beef, bagels, and more. Burgers, however, don’t usually make a list. Paragraph: In the spirit of embracing the tradition of enjoying America’s favorite sandwich, TooJay’s Deli has had classic and unique versions of this delectable dish for years. If you’re looking to expand your palate and try new burger flavors and variations, look no further. From Altamonte Springs all the way down to Dania Beach, TooJay’s is serving up tasty burgers at all of its locations throughout Florida.

How TooJay’s builds the Best Burgers in Florida!

TooJay's Chipotle Burger
Chipotle Burger

TooJay’s signature burgers include the Burger á la TooJay’s (topped with mushrooms, smokehouse bacon and melted Muenster cheese), the Chipotle Bacon Burger (caramelized onions, smokehouse bacon, Swiss cheese, arugula, and chipotle mayo), and the traditional Patty Melt (a grilled burger topped with chipotle mayo, caramelized onions and Swiss cheese on grilled rye).

The New York-style deli has added a signature ingredient to its burger – pastrami. One of TooJay’s most popular items, the Pastrami Burger, has juicy sirloin rolled in a house pastrami rub and topped with tender pastrami, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese and chipotle mayonnaise in between a freshly baked brioche bun. Combining the flavors of a favorite deli sandwich with a cherished classic, this mouth watering classic provides the best of both worlds.

Building your own Hamburger at TooJay’s

For guests who love to customize their meals, TooJay’s has a build your own option with many selections to choose from. First, guests can choose from a selection of top-quality meats, including ground beef, grilled chicken breast, ground turkey, or black bean. Then, they can top it off with the choice of a delicious cheese like cheddar or provolone, a variety of toppings, such as caramelized onions, mushrooms, or a fried egg and an assortment of sauces, aiolis and condiments. All of the options make it easy to get creative or keep it simple for those who love a classic burger. The choice is yours, so you won’t be disappointed

Pair your Delicious Deli Burger with your Beverage of Choice

Nothing pairs better with a burger than beer. Choose from a selection of domestic or specialty beers or, for something non-alcoholic, enjoy a refreshing lemonade, iced tea, or a Dr. Brown’s soda.

Our Chefs have been creating delicious deli-style hamburgers across the state of Florida since 1981, and TooJay’s hand-crafted burgers will leave you only wanting more!


TooJay’s Contactless Curbside Pick Up


Palm Beach Post Best Of Awards 2020: TooJay’s wins in three categories!

TooJay’s wins in the following categories:

  • Best Sandwiches
  • Best Dessert  
  • Best Caterer

TooJay’s Deli Donating 10 Percent of Gift Card Sales to Employee Fund

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TooJay’s Helps Employees with Matching Gift Card Fund during COVID-19

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