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TooJay’s Featured in the Palm Beach Daily News!

We were featured in the Palm Beach Daily News. Read the full article here:

Toojay’s has brought a taste of New York to Palm Beach for nearly 40 years


WPTV Channel 5 Features TooJay’s Holiday Feast with John McKenna!

Our very own John McKenna joins WPTV Channel 5 to showcase some of our holiday food options. Watch the segment here!


TooJay’s Thanksgiving Feast showcased on WPTV News!


Palm Beach Post reviews TooJay’s in Stuart

Palm Beach Post reviews TooJay’s in Stuart “Your taste buds start salivating the minute you walk through the door and past the endless glass cases of baked pastries, cakes and cookies on your way to the dining room. Click to read full review.


TooJay’s Naples reviewed by The Written Palette

Mary McGrath, blogger for The Written Palette writes: “Choose from a nice selection of hefty sized ½ sandwiches, which includes and a brimming bowl of soup along with a pickle and coleslaw.” Click here to read the full review.


TooJay’s CEO Max Piet wins 2019 Apogee Award

TooJay’s CEO Max Piet was the winner of the 2019 Apogee Award from South Florida Business and Wealth. Click here for the full article.


Sebastian News Daily reviews TooJay’s Vero Beach location

Andy Hodges writes:

“It’s a twist, and very good (Philly Grilled Cheese). I can see myself coming back to TooJay’s and ordering this again. The french fries were secondary, an excellent addition to the sandwich, but nothing else mattered after eating the Philly Grilled Cheese. You have got to try it. Click here to read full article.


Meals and Deals: Your Business Lunch Check-List

While the Mad Men-era three martini lunch is a thing of the past, inviting a customer, prospect or referral source to lunch is as important for business development today as it ever was. 

Starting with the menu, here’s some food for thought when you’re planning a successful business lunch:

How do I know what people want to eat? Some people say a successful business lunch is not about the food, but that’s not true. A bad meal leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Rather than polling your guests in advance about their food preferences, it makes sense to choose a restaurant with a wide variety of popular specialties on the menu, where everyone will find something they love to eat. 

Creating a “something for everyone” menu is an art and a science that TooJay’s has been cultivating for more than 30 years, and it shows. Our selection of traditional, homemade comfort food, piled-high sandwiches and fresh wraps, made-from-scratch soups, salads and desserts covers the gamut of lunchtime favorites. Timeless New York deli-style favorites are featured alongside delicious new items, respecting our authentic deli heritage while reflecting our guests’ evolving culinary preferences. When you’re tasked with pleasing everyone, TooJay’s has it all.

Is the restaurant easy to find and does it have convenient parking? A business lunch is typically not the right occasion to choose a tucked away, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. In the middle of a workday, your lunch guest is more likely to appreciate convenient access and easy parking than a culinary adventure. With 30 locations throughout Florida, TooJay’s restaurants are prominently located on major streets and in popular shopping centers, all of which have plenty of parking just steps away. 

How are the acoustics? If it’s too quiet, you’ll have to whisper and if it’s too loud you’ll have to shout. Many contemporary restaurants are designed to be noisy, with high ceilings and hard surfaces. Sparse design might be a feast for the eyes, but it can be an obstacle for conducting conversations without people at nearby tables overhearing you. The perfect solution? TooJay’s booths offer more privacy, comfort, and separation from foot traffic than chairs. 

What do I want to achieve? It’s not unusual for food to take center stage, but a business lunch, just as any other meeting, should have a purpose, whether it’s to add a personal dimension to the existing relationship or promote a specific business transaction. Determine in advance if you want to build a personal connection and establish common ground by chatting about family, vacations and other personal subjects, or whether it’s in your best interest to keep the conversation strictly business. Sometimes it’s easier to build a bond by listening more than you talk and answering your guest’s questions. 

As a welcome add-on to your lunch, stop by TooJay’s famously tempting bakery counter on your way out and choose some sweet treats to bring back to the office. Our freshly baked pastries are the best!

Last, but certainly not least, remember that the person who initiated the meeting typically picks up the check.

For more information about our menus, visit


It’s Easy to Eat Light at the Deli

Deli lovers rejoice! Watching your waistline doesn’t mean turning your back on the restaurants you love. At TooJay’s Deli, offering you an array of healthy, lower-calorie options is our pleasure. Choose from more than 200 entrées (added accent) under 600 calories on our Deliciously Lite Menu ( for breakfast, lunch and dinner or follow a few basic tips that cut the calories on all our deli classics.  

Here are six tips to get you started!

  1. Little gestures add up to big milestones. Go ahead and have the lean roast beef or turkey sandwich on fresh rye but skip the calorie-laden mayonnaise. Take it a step further and replace the French fries or potato salad (removed chips) with a side-salad and low-cal dressing or a small order of fresh fruit.
  2. Resist the bread and order an entrée like old-fashioned pot roast, but ask your server to replace the mashed potatoes with another fresh vegetable. 
  3. Be mindful of portion size. Consider eating half of everything on your plate and taking the other half home for tomorrow. 
  4. Salads are a staple for many calorie-counters, but heavy dressings and large servings can knock them off the healthy eating bandwagon. TooJay’s chopped salad of turkey, ham, egg and crisp greens with crumbled Gorgonzola and bacon on top is a wholesome, low-cal meal that stands on its own without heavy dressing. For dressing, zesty light Italian or olive oil and balsamic vinegar hit the spot.
  5. Forego creamy soups and order a healthy, broth-based vegetable soup instead. TooJay’s traditional chicken noodle soup is loaded with chicken and vegetables and only 70 calories. And yes, make it a cup instead of a bowl. 
  6. Choose your beverages wisely because sweet sodas, ice teas and juices can pack more calories than you think. Opt instead for flavorful, unsweetened drinks, like TooJay’s fresh brewed ice tea or peach tea (this is sweet puree) to accompany your meal. 

Eating lean and healthy at an authentic, New York-style deli is not nearly the challenge some people think it is when you have a Deliciously Lite Menu to choose from and some calorie-busting tips to make almost any dish work for you.   


Check out our recent review from the South Florida Sage!

“Have you ever been to TooJay’s? If not, it may be a more convenient time then ever with new locations popping up around South Florida” click here to read full review!

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