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Delicious Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a Delicious Rewards member?

Download the TooJay’s Delicious Rewards App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Sign-up is also available at toojays.com/delicious-rewards.

2. Who can join Delicious Rewards?

The program is available to anyone 13 years and older who has an email address.

3. What information do I need to provide in order to join Delicious Rewards?

Just some very basic information—your first name, last name, birthday, email and your favorite TooJay’s location.

4. How does Delicious Rewards work?

You earn one point for every $1 that you spend at TooJay’s. Minimum purchase requirement is $1.00. Points are rounded up at $.51. For example, if you spend $12.73, you earn 13 points. If you spend $8.22, you earn 8 points. When you have earned 100 points, you receive a $5 reward to be used however you like at TooJay’s with the exception of catering orders and gift card purchases. Earned rewards expire 6 months from date issued.

5. What does it cost to join?

Nothing. Delicious Rewards is free to join and there are no fees later. Members receive a free dessert at 6am the following day after signing up.

6. How do I check my Delicious Rewards points?

Your points can be checked by looking at the main screen on your app or when you login to your Delicious Rewards account online at toojays.com/delicious-rewards and go to “Account Balance”.

7. How do I update my Delicious Rewards account?

Go to the app’s main menu and go to “Edit Profile”. You can also go to toojays.com/delicious-rewards, sign in and select “Edit Profile” to update your profile. Your birthday cannot be changed after your initial sign-up.

8. How do I earn Delicious Rewards points?

On your app, click ‘Earn’, scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt and you will see confirmation of how many points you earned. Or go to toojays.com/delicious-rewards, sign in and click ‘Earn’, enter the 12 or 13 digit number below your barcode and you will see confirmation of how many points you earned. You have 21 days from the date of your visit to earn your points. Best practice is to earn your points as soon as you receive your receipt.

9. What can I earn points on?

You can earn points on any purchase over $1 for restaurant, take-out or non-catering deliveries. Points will not be calculated on gift cards purchases, sales tax, gratuity or any discounts taken.

10. When will I see points on my account?

It may take up to an hour for you to see your points posted to your Delicious Rewards account.

11. Can my family use my points?

Your Delicious Rewards membership is exclusive to you and non-transferable. Family members can help you earn points for your account if you scan their TooJay’s receipt.

12. Do I earn points on gift card purchases?

No, gift card purchases are not eligible for earning Delicious Rewards points. The recipient of the gift card can earn points when they use it if they are a Delicious Rewards member.

13. Do I earn points on take-out orders or orders that are delivered by TooJay’s?

Points are earned on all take-out and non-catering deliveries.

14. Do I earn points on orders placed through third-party delivery services, such as Delivery Dudes, DoorDash?

Unfortunately, no as those delivery services do not provide a TooJay’s receipt with the barcode that is needed to earn points.

15. Do I receive an incentive for signing up?

Yes, you do. As a thank you, enjoy a free dessert. This is loaded to your ‘News & Offers’ section by 6am the following day. An email is also sent to you notifying you of the offer. It will expire 30 days after the reward is issued.

16. What is the Birthday Reward and when do I receive it?

To celebrate your birthday, you will receive a free dessert. It is loaded to your ‘News & Offers’ section on your App on your birthday. An email is also sent to you notifying you of the offer.

17. When does my Birthday Reward expire?

Your free dessert offer expires 14 days from your birthday.

18. Are there other ways to earn additional points?

Yes, you can earn 20 points if you create your account with Facebook. You also earn 30 points for every friend or family member that you refer to Delicious Rewards who sign-up and make a purchase. They will need to provide your Invite Code when they sign-up. Your Invite Code can be found on the main menu of your app.

19. How do I redeem my Delicious Rewards points?

When you have earned enough points, click ‘Redeem’ on your App, enter the amount of your reward you would like to use, confirm that dollar amount to receive a code on the next screen. Give the code to your server or cashier if you are picking up. The code is valid for 2 hours. If it is not used within 2 hours, the amount is returned to your account for you to use at another time. If you are using the website to redeem, login to your Delicious Rewards account, click ‘redeem’ and enter the amount you wish to redeem to receive a confirmation with the Redemption Code and an email with the code. If it is not used within 24 hours, the amount will be returned to your account for you to use at another time or until it expires after 1 year.

20. Can rewards be used with other coupons or discounts?

Banked rewards are equal to cash and can be applied alongside a discount. Points can be earned on discounted checks; however, it is on the amount after discount.

21. Can I use more than one reward at a time?

You can redeem banked rewards in any $ increment that you have earned in your account. You can apply these banked rewards alongside a discount; however, two discounts cannot be applied to the same check.

22. When do my rewards expire?

Your dollar rewards will expire six months after they are earned. So don’t delay…use them, rather than lose them.

23. When do my points expire?

Points do not expire. In case of a membership termination, member points and earned rewards will be forfeited and are not able to be transferred.

24. Will I receive emails from TooJay’s after entering my address to sign up?

Your email will be added to our Delicious Rewards email list. You will receive exclusive promotions and information on what’s happening at TooJay’s. But, you can opt out at any time!

25. Will my name be put on a mailing list for other organizations?

Absolutely not. TooJay’s will never give out or sell your information to any other person, company or entity.